Thursday, June 18, 2009

Drive-in Movies and Dashboard Lights

(The title of this post is also the title of a song written by one of my favorite singer/songwriters of all time, Nanci Griffith. Not crazy about some of her politics but I adore her musically. Maybe I'll meet her one day.)

Last night our entire family headed to the Stardust Drive-in Theater in Watertown, TN to see the movies "Up" and "Night at the Museum". What a fun experience. The Captain had not been to the drive-in since he was little (when he saw either "E.T." or "Star Wars"... he didn't quite remember). Of course the kids had never been before. I had been three previous times. I started to remember those times and so I bored my husband to death with my stories. Now I'll bore you!

The first time I visited a drive-in, I was with my "closest thing to a sister" bff from across the street and her mom. This was one of our only outings with her mom... most of the time she was with me and my family. We went to see "Batman" and I was wearing my black Batman shirt that I bought simply because Jordan Knight wore one. LAME! About ten minutes into the movie, the electricity went out because there was an accident up the road from the drive-in. The power never came back on and we were all issued tickets for seeing the movie again at another time. We didn't go back. I've still never seen that entire movie!

The next time I went to the drive-in was when I was in 9th grade. My older boyfriend (of whom I'm reminded whenever I watch "Scrubs" because he was a lot like Zach Braff) had to take his little sister everywhere and she wanted to watch "Alladin". So we made out the whole time she was watching the movie. I'm not proud. And to think that these folks were my first exposure to people from the Church of Christ!

And the third time I visited the drive-in was when I was 20, was about to be jilted the day before my wedding, and my soon to be ex-fiance and I attended what was rumored to be the world's largest "Seinfeld" farewell party. The show had already aired here in middle Tennessee by the time I got to see it because the theater had to wait for it to get dark before they showed it. But it was worth waiting an extra couple of hours. I bawled my eyes out because "Seinfeld" is my all-time favorite tv show. And they had to go and play that stinkin' awesome song by Green Day which STILL gets to me whenever I hear it because it reminds me of that summer... the summer I lost Chris Downes and George Costanza and that my troop of awesome guy friends kept me alive by shoving Bijoa muffins from Calypso Cafe in my mouth in between bong hits. There are times I suppose when illegal drugs can be useful. Sigh.

I suppose I've come full circle, I realize. Last night I sat with my gorgeous husband who was a good Church of Christ boy (and who didn't spend his high school years making out with girls) and my lovely children while watching two really great family films and bawled my eyes out over the movie. This is it. I'll never be a kid obsessed with NKOTB again. I'll never be a scared 2o year old who is about to get married to who she knows is the wrong guy. But you know, I'm okay with that. I like being older. I like being stable. I like being a mom and the wife of the right guy. Even if it does come with a larger pants size!


  1. I've never been to a drive-in...but I have come to realize that stability is a very good thing. ;)

  2. Oh yeah, your new blog look is great!

  3. I was so sad when Seinfeld ended too. And I remember them playing the Green Day song. It was the first time I heard it.

    We lived in NYC at the time. It was so cool living in NYC and watching Friends, Seinfeld, and Mad about You. It made us feel we were in the center of the world.

    I'm like your husband--haven't been to a drive in since I was a child!!!

    How did you like Up? We thought it was cute.

  4. Thanks so much Sherry! I really like the new look too!

    Dina, I would imagine that it was really awesome to watch those shows while living in NYC. I've always wanted to go to NYC and take the Kramer tour. Seems like something a huge fan should do before they die!

    I really liked "Up". I thought it was pretty intense though... not lighthearted. Pixar movies seem to be becoming more and more intense.

  5. Glad you guys had fun. My usually unflappable 3 year old was terrified by Up, but glad his friend agreed it was scary.
    I remember going to the drive-in when I was 5 to see Star Wars and falling asleep. I was very disappointed.
    In highschool everyone would load into the car trunk to lower the admission fee. Never made out at a drive in but watched scary movies without the sound on top of the concessions stand.
    Now they're all closed out here. It's a shame because they were a lot of fun.

  6. Z&T!
    Fun memories! Donut (who is also three) thought that "Up" was scary as well... and very sad. I had to agree with her. During the darker scenes I found myself tensing up. She sat on Daddy's lap and would say, "DADDY! I'm scared from this" and he'd calmly say, "It's okay. See, they're okay now" making me fall even more in love with him ;).

  7. i think they're showing 'batman' at movies in the park (centennial park) on wednesday. that's probably the closest you'll come to reliving that experience!

  8. I haven't been to a drive-in movie in a very long time. I think college. Where is Watertown? My daughter has been begging to see Up.

  9. Wow, Katie, that would be very interesting!

    Becca, Watertown is about 15 mins from Lebanon.


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