Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A baseball family!

Over the past few months, I have grown rather fond of spending my time at the park while watching my child play baseball. Our first experience with "extracurricular activities" has been wonderful, partially due to the fact that his coach was a good friend (my best friend if I'm being honest). I'm not thrilled that the season is over... I was just getting used to the idea of being a baseball mom. I've been reminded of how my cousins always played baseball and how my aunt invited my family to watch their games every time... and my parents never would take me. Yet He-Man's aunt, uncles, and grandparents faithfully attended at least one of his games, showing me what a functional, healthy family does. I'm learning these things all over again.

Self-satisfaction is the best benefit of He-Man's baseball experience this season. Hearing my son (who not so long ago frequently spoke of being bad and hating himself) say, "I'm so proud of myself. I smacked that ball and I listened well" made me feel on top of the world. He also refers to himself as "A baseball player" now! He made a huge journey from sitting in the grass during games to running for the ball whenever it sailed past him. He has every reason to be proud of himself. And I feel proud of him... for feeling proud of himself. Everyone wins! Since he received his medal the other day, he's frequently put it on, even with his pajamas. I look forward to many years of being a baseball mom!


  1. So sweet! We're just getting started with T-ball this week for the first time. My son is SO excited!

  2. aw, you're a great best friend too!

    and you all have EVERY reason to be proud - he came a long way this season and did a GREAT job. :-)


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