Friday, May 29, 2009

I've always been "alternative".

I always hated it in high school when people called me alternative. That's because, back then, alternative had stopped meaning different and was a "brand" in itself. These days, not so much. Alternative again means alternative and I'm proud to say that I am in to alternative eating, alternative parenting, and alternative medicine. Alternative to what? The norm! What most people are doing is not good enough for me and it never has been. I've just taken my passion for being different and carried it into other areas of my life. Now I'm not as concerned with putting alternative things on my body (though you will still find me in my old ratty tshirts, long skirts, and flip flops... even at church on Sunday mornings) but I'm more taken with the notion of putting alternative things IN to my body.

So, I had two friends suggest that I take my weird physical symptoms to an MD in Brentwood who's practice is all about bridging the gap between modern medicine and natural medicine. I like that. He's not totally dismissing drugs and such... he's just simply promoting them as a last resort. Sadly, when I was feeling at my worst, Dr. Chapdelaine was on one of his trips off the continent that he takes twice a year. By the time I got in to see him I was already feeling a ton better. However, he had some observations... like that I needed to get off the Zoloft and on to L-Tryptophan if I wanted the weird side effects to go away (like giant painful zits that popped up in my arm pit and the highly annoying night sweats) and that I have a lovely case of thrush... gotta love that candida ya'll. So, I'm weaning off Zoloft and taking Candida Clear. Next week I will go to have a ton of blood work done in order to determine a few heart disease risk levels, my thyroid function, and Vitamin D levels. I also have to drum up enough spit to fill some small vials and then have them shipped off for analysis in order to discover any hormone/adrenal issues. I'm confident that some or all of my hormones are at least a little off!

I'm excited to finally be in the care of a doctor with whom I feel comfortable. It's highly annoying to visit a health care professional and have them look at you like you are crazy when you mention taking 5HTP instead of a prescription antidepressant or when you refuse an antibiotic because you would prefer to use colloidal silver instead. I feel at home, accepted and a little less weird with this guy and that is always a good thing.


  1. I'm so glad you found this doctor! He sounds great.

    I'm weary of going to medical professionals...including a psychologist because of my alternate lifestyle choices.

  2. Oh I so want to find a doctor like this. In fact, we just don't go because the ones around here are so very medical. Sigh.


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