Friday, April 24, 2009

Donut's Imaginary Friends

When I was a little girl, I had imaginary friends. Mickey Mouse (because I had a Mickey Mouse phone) and "Laverne & Shirley" (because it was my favorite tv show and I would wait beside my bed for them to drop by and pick me up so that we could go to Hollywood together. "Shirley" they would not leave me behind.) Sadly, though, they never showed up. In my opinion, these were pretty pitiful "imaginary" friends since I didn't create them and simply snagged them from pop culture.

Amazingly, my daughter has created her own imaginary friends. There are four of them but the most popular are Larry and Sarah. Larry goes to jail and dies frequently. We ask her regularly how Larry is doing and if he's feeling okay. Sarah's mom is often in the cast of characters in her adventures. She's not nearly as entertaining as Larry but we enjoy asking about Sarah anyway!

One morning at church we were telling someone about Donut and her "imagination". He pointed out that she is quite the writer and that I needed to be writing this stuff down. So, I'm going to make a note of Larry and Sarah's adventures (and those of any imaginary friends of the future) right here at Bona Fide Mama. Feel free to chime in with the adventures of your own child's imaginary friends!

Larry: He was saying, "Blah Blah Blah" to his dad and he laughed. Then he said, "Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah." Larry has not been to jail lately. When he goes to jail he gets late for school.

Sarah: Her mom said, "Your brother is getting dressed up." Then Sarah said, "I know but I've got to get ready for school". Sarah goes to school every day. Her eats lunch and then goes to school every day. Sarah doesn't get birthdays. She doesn't want a birthday. She doesn't like birthdays. Her likes to eat. Her likes to eat salad and pizza and her gets under the table to eat play doh.


  1. lol.

    Jack is like you. All of his imaginary friends come from pop culture. At least as far as I know.....

  2. Someone needs to tell Sarah it's not good to eat playdoh.
    I wanted an imaginary friend, but, none ever showed up.
    I used to take care of a girl who had an imaginary lemur which was pretty cool.
    The boys have been pretending to be Mr. Cranberry lately, which cracks me up, but I suspect he's a character in something they watched and not someone they made up.

  3. Gerrick didn't have imaginary friends--he actually BECAME other imaginary people. It was so very difficult to keep up with who he was at any given moment. He would get very upset if you didn't know who he was at all times & "play" along. It was all very Cybil and kind of scary at times--I am very glad that he's outgrown that phase. :)


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