Saturday, April 18, 2009

And Baby Makes Five

I can honestly say that it's so much easier to accept the fact that I'm finished having babies since I finally have my peace child. The easy-going, sweet, tranquil nature of this baby makes me content to be done birthin' babies. Now I can focus on being a mama to the three that I have. His peaceful entrance into this world and the thus-far short lived PPD is a pleasant note upon which to end the childbearing years of my life. I'm also excited about taking the pregnancy weight off once and for all!

Drayken is now four weeks old and he's a little sweetie. And a cutie. And did I mention that he's a sweetie? I am so in love with him. He sleeps pretty well most nights. He has had a couple of days (at two weeks and four weeks) where all he did was nurse and poop but that was okay because the next day, he'd give me a break and sleep a whole lot! He loves to have his feet rubbed and he likes to take car rides.

His brother and sister love him... a little too much at times I'm afraid. They like to get on him. A lot. Donut has tried feeding him popcorn. They both love to get right in his face, even when he is nursing and they like to kiss him and bug him when he's sleeping in his bassinet! His brother calls him a sweet little angel and says that he is soooooo cute.

You may notice that he has a little cyst above his right eye. These are seemingly common in children (although his pediatrician had never seen it in children so young... it popped up and hour or so after he popped out). Regardless, we are taking him to Vanderbilt's Children's Hospital on April 28th. Please pray with us that it's cosmetic and that, if it must be removed, they are able to wait until he is significantly older.


  1. It seems like you're feeling happy and peaceful.

    I love the photos. You guys are a beautiful family!

  2. What a gorgeous family you have. :) I thought we were done having children, but lately every time I see a new baby (and I swear they are everywhere lately!) it's been making me think about wanting another.. so maybe we're not done after all! ;)

    My oldest (now 6 1/2!) was born at Vanderbilt with the help of a midwife. It was the best birthing experience I could have asked for.. such an excellent hospital!

    You're all so beautiful!!
    Glad to hear everyone is doing well.

  4. Anya had an "angel kiss" as well. It popped up on the top of her head about an hour after she was born and got puffy and red. Doctors said it was basically an external blood clot and nothing to worry about and that it would go away.

    By the time she was 3, her hair covered it completely. By the time she was 5, it turned the color of her skin, then got flat and disappeared.

    Your pictures are great! Your family looks very complete and content! God bless you! -Amy

  5. Good update! So glad to hear that things are going so well!

  6. Look at them all, and YOU look fantastic.
    I'm so glad the PPD is giving you a break.
    Happy days.


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