Thursday, April 9, 2009

Aaaaachoo. Don't let seasonal allergies get you down!

My family has taken several steps to keep us from suffering from allergies this spring. Luckily, they seem to be working relatively well. Donut had a couple of weeks of slight congestion with sad tired looking eyes. I had a few weeks of congestion and sadly, the Captain's migraines seem to have returned. But He-Man, who normally coughs his head off ever season has been cough free. The number one thing that we use to treat his allergies is Allergiclear by Native Remedies. Without this stuff, no one would be getting any sleep around here because of the coughing. Thank you Native Remedies!
A few other things that we do for allergy and sinus issues include: humidifer, neti pot, echinecea, golden seal, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and local honey. I am always interested in learning more about alternative and natural ways to treat allergies and sinus issues so when Brent from Whole Foods asked me to tell my readers about this allergy-related podcast, I was happy to do so. I listened to the podcast myself and really appreciated the useful information. In the fall, I'll be trying some of these new-to-me remedies to help keep my typcial sinus infection at bay!

Brent also offered a drawing for a $25.00 Whole Foods gift card. To be elligible, just comment on the allergy podcast and then be sure to put the following html in the comment or else he won't be able to trace it back to my blog readers!

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