Sunday, March 8, 2009

He-Man Turns 5: Part 1!

Turning five is a BIG deal. I remember turning five. That means that from now on, He-Man will remember stuff. It's pretty important that we not screw up and make terrible memories for him. But it's even more important that, if bad things happen or we we DO screw up, we must make a point to talk out our mistakes openly. I have vivid memories of things that happened during my childhood that were never discussed. And now I have no one I can ask about them. It's a pretty lonely feeling.
But this isn't about me. Or my childhood. This is about my motherhood. And the fact that five years ago, my water had broken and I didn't even know it. And four days later, I became a mother. FIVE YEARS. He's a big boy now. Not a baby. No doubt there are certain circumstances that are making this "turning five" a little easier for me. Like the fact that I'm pregnant with another baby boy. Or the fact that he's not being shipped off to school in the fall and therefore I don't feel a sense of panic as if I'm about to "lose" him. Helps also that he's still totally attached to me and his daddy and is barely just now showing some independence. It doesn't feel as if he's a big boy. I suppose he'll always be my baby.
His party went well. He had a good time, enjoyed the company and stated that he didn't want his friends to leave. The house was filled with friends and family (and friends who have become family) and, above all, love. I just really like the women friends in my life and it felt great to spend time with them, especially after the difficult week I've had. I wish I could have girl friend time every single day!
Immediately after the party, He-Man had his very first baseball practice. This is a BIG deal. He rarely wants to participate in things that don't involved television but he'd shown great enthusiasm about "joining the team" for over a year now so signing him up seemed like a great idea. We were lucky enough to get him onto a friend's team so we totally know his coach and so she knows him... and about his issues. He cried. He tried to give up. He claimed to be scared of "the people". He did, however, get back out there and the practice ended on a good note. I really want, for his sake, for his dad's sake, for him to enjoy this experience. I want him to have fun with baseball and for him to look forward to it. It would be really good for him... and for his relationship with his dad. Finally, something they could have in common... a way for them to relate to one another. My prayer is that he will adapt to this new experience and love it and that the two of them will have a ton of fun together. And if that doesn't happen... well... at least the Captain has his little girl who is ready to rock climb, camp, hike, sword fight, and play baseball (she begged to go out there and play the entire time we were at practice). She just needs to get a little bigger. And, who knows, maybe this next baby will be "athletic and laid back". Oh, and I put in my order for dark hair and dark eyes.

On a totally random note, I got great sleep last night and I think that today is a great day to have a baby!


  1. As the coach that totally knows He-Man, let me just say that he did an AWESOME job at practice - I've had kids sit with their parents and not come back on the field for a month, if ever. I've had kids cry and refuse to be on the field without their parents holding their hands (and they were older than H is!). The first practice and the first game, I always have some that are shy and/or intimidated. The fact that he came back is HUGE - and shows what a great kid he is. I can't wait to see how it goes on a day that he does not have his party immediately before practice! :-) lol
    I am SO glad you are part of our team this season. So glad.

  2. Thanks Allyson! That is so good to know! I'm glad to be on your team too! For a ton of reasons!

  3. Yay for He-Man! Glad he had a blessed birthday and glad it is almost time for baby! :o)


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