Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday Afternoon Videos (on Saturday Morning): A.L.F. is out of this world!

In honor of my first baby love who is turning FIVE on Wednesday, I thought that I'd post a video that he likes to watch. Over and Over and OVER again. A.L.F. (which he calls "ay. el. eff") is a way of life around here. For his birthday, we've indulged this weird obsession and purchased every A.L.F. dvd we could get our hands on (more or less). The entire series and both cartoon dvds. Can't wait to see him open them! Wish we could have afforded to have had an A.L.F. cake made.... it's not too late I guess! I had an A.L.F. cake for my 10th bday. An exact duplicate would rock. It said, "Unhappy Birthday Mandy! Just kidding!" It was always important to me to pick what my birthday cakes said.
Today we will celebrate He-Man's turning five by having a bunch of little kids and their parents in our home. They will watch "Wall-E" and eat pizza (the naughty kind with real "cow cheese").

Until next time when I will post pictures from the party (and hopefully a birth), please remember that "you're the one who's out of this world, sweet baby"!

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