Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anniversaries, Dates, Oz, VBS, and SNOW!!!

Quite a busy weekend we've had for people who are preparing to welcome their fifth family member. Keeping busy makes the time go by more quickly though. And as most mamas can concur, waiting for your little one to arrive is often a task that requires MUCH patience. A fellow pregnant mama posted on her facebook status the other day something much like, "Waiting for a baby to come is like waiting for Christmas, only you don't know which day Christmas is going to be!" I can't agree more.
Yesterday was a very special day for several reasons. The third anniversary of my mom's death, I was thankful that we had plans for spending the day doing fun stuff in order to distract me from the grieving. Luckily, the day wasn't so hard for me. This year I just didn't experience the same serious sadness as in past years. I've maybe reached that final stage of grief... acceptance. Doesn't mean that I miss her any less. Just that I'm used to not having her. I've adjusted to my life without parents... without extended family. Helps that my marriage is in a good place too though.
Because I had NO idea what February would bring for me (baby-wise), I had asked my in-laws to consider taking the kiddos to the Center for the Arts in order to enjoy a day of "Wizard of Oz" related activities. My in-laws bravely and kindly agreed and quite literally spent the entire day with the children making pop up books, meeting and greeting the cast of the play, and then watching the play. Since the baby had not made his appearance quite yet, this left the day free for me and my sweet hubby. We took advantage of the free time (before entering "baby jail" as we half-jokingly referred to the next two years). Though the weather was disgusting, we headed to Nashville and enjoyed some coffee on the way. We dropped in on his former boss to say hello and then went to McKay's, a used media store that a lot of my homeschooling mommy friends have been talking about lately. While I didn't exactly fall in love, we did manage to bring home a pretty decent stack of books (and a Devo 2.0 cd set) for the kids. And we only spent right at ten dollars. I decided that birthday and Christmas money would be best spent at McKay's as you can NEVER have too many books and with their prices, they can get more for their money. After our trip to McKay's, we decided that it was time for lunch. After much deliberation, the Captain suggested the Pancake Pantry, a very famous eatery in Nashville to which neither of us had ever been. Although I probably would have chosen something else, I decided that I couldn't think of a better place for us to go. After all, breakfast foods are his favorite to eat in a restaurant and I felt blessed immediately by the idea of picking the place he'd enjoy most of all. Even though there was a wait, the line moved quickly. While we waited, we even met some people from out of town who were really interesting and friendly. The food ended up being very good and I was so glad that we went there! It's rare that my honey will even pick a place for us to eat so knowing that he enjoyed our dining experience was the best thing about our date.
Today is our anniversary. Ten years ago on this very day we met at the MTSU library and he helped me study for a US History midterm. For what it's worth, he brought a friend with him and I made an A. But immediately I was smitten and have been ever since.
Our anniversary was made extra special because of an unexpected and totally random blanket of snow. Seriously, we got up this morning to a winter wonderland. It was stunning... a sight I've never ever seen in real life. It was truly the perfect way to start my morning and I was so thankful for the beauty and simplicity of it all. Despite the snow, we managed to make it to church. Ironically, I have really awesome snow boots but I was unable to get them onto my feet. Literally. They are that swollen!
Church was awesome. We are having a VBS this year and it looks like the Captain and I will be able to both use our God-given talents and skills in order to bless the ministry! I am so excited to be involved!

We took a lot of pictures of the snow fun!

He-Man and his Dad made a snow family while the Donut and I napped!

Our beautiful home

My sweet hubby and his girl!

Aren't they the best?


  1. Happy Anniversary! I'm praying you and the baby that everything goes smoothly during the delivery. I can't believe it's here already.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm curious though...were did you find me?

    Your blog seems very interesting, as are you. I plan to read some more today as I have time. I see you are planning a homebirth and you homeschool, so we have a lot in common.

  3. Great pictures of the family!!:) Tell your hubby the snow family looks amazing!!

  4. Oh, I love the snow people family! Happy Anniversary :)


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