Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thank you Giana's!

Over the holidays, the Captain picked up an all natural Gingerbread house from Whole Foods. It was super cute and we saved it for a special Sunday after the holidays. When we got out the icing mix and followed the directions, we couldn't get the icing to work correctly! The kids were so upset. We didn't have any icing or the ingredients for icing on hand and we had already taken the house pieces out of the wrapping. So, we ended up just eating it. I wrote a letter to Gianna's, the company that had produced the gingerbread house and let them know about the mishap. They politely and quickly responded explaining that the directions in the package had been incorrect and that while they were able to contact the people who had purchased the houses on line, they were unable to contact everyone. They were very apologetic and offered to send a care package in order to make up for the mistake. How very kind.

We received a package of their butter cookies (seriously THE very best cookie I've ever eaten) and a package of their naturally colored Valentine's Day cookies. Just look:
All natural. No artificial colors. Can you believe it? They are gorgeous, aren't they? Well, they were the perfect addition to our Homeschool Valentine's Day party and they were tasty to boot!

Thank you, Gianna's, for proving that there is such a thing as good customer service! We appreciated your prompt response and your desire to take care of us as customers. The guests at our party enjoyed the cookies and they were a fun, healthy, and festive addition to the food display! We will certainly be purchasing your cookies again in the future!


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