Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Raising Kids Outside of the Box: Healthy Snack Ideas

A friend has been asking me for healthy snack and meal ideas. I'm just not sure that I'm that great of a resource these days! But I thought that I'd work up a list of things that we've been eating and maybe it will help someone!

Snacks that I enjoy:
organic rice cakes (I top one with peanut butter... raw almond butter would be a better choice but I crave peanut butter these days... and one topped with Trader Joe's hummus. My hummus flavors of choice right now are sundried tomato with basil and chipotle)
Barbara's Spoonful of Oats with rice milk
a piece of Ezekiel toast with Earth Balance, raw almond butter, bee pollen, and cacao nibs
raw chocolate smoothie (raw chocolate, crushed ice, rice milk agave, raw almond butter)
coconut pineapple smoothie (coconut milk, orange or pineapple juice... I've used all kinds... a couple of spoonfuls of shredded coconut, agave, and All Flora)
Ginger, honey, lemon tea
Hot cocoa (organic Green and Black cocoa powder, rice milk, agave, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and ginger)
an apple
an orange
celery with goat cheese spread
mango banana "pudding" (with chia seeds and hemp seeds)

What I feed my kids:
freeze dried fruits
yogurt with berries and flax oil, flax seeds, hemp seeds, chia seeds
applesauce with Green Vibrance or a Berry powder (and I also add oils, flax seeds, etc)
chopped apples with agave and cinnamon
"baby oranges" (clementines and lately we've discovered Blood Oranges)
spinach salad with dressing
cereal with rice milk
popcorn (I make it in a popcorn maker)
organic corn chips
jerky (my son loves meat)
dehydrated "raw cookies"

As a special treat, they can occasionally have some dairy free ice cream... we love Purely Decadent.

Meal ideas:
When you are pregnant and not able to get to the store or farmer's market or where ever there might be fresh foods available, you start to cut corners. I believe that I've discussed that already in a previous post. So, my current meal ideas are very different from the ones that I might have three months from now!
But lately we eat things like:
Cheeseless frozen pizza from Trader Joe's (and I like to add a little goat cheese, nutritional yeast, and dulse flakes to increase the nutritional value)
Canned soups (we found a bunch of Amy's organic soups on sale at Whole Foods and stocked up) with grilled cheese sandwhiches (dairy free "cheese" and TJ's rye bread make my personal favorite) (and here, again, I add things like dulse flakes and nutritional yeast to the soup in order to boost the nutrition level)
Vegan Black Bean frozen enchiladas from Trader Joes.... SOOOOOOO good!
Beans and Rice (and the leftover rice makes a great rice pudding that the kids LOVE... just rice, rice milk, agave, cinnamon, Earth Balance, raisins and maybe even a few chocolate chips)
Crock pot chili
Easy soups like butternut squash and corn chowder (which I might make tonight)
Fish (I love that Trader Joe's has frozen, already seasoned WILD fish... always buy wild!)
Baked Sweet potatoes

I always serve with my meals something raw. Either a salad or chopped apples, a berry compote, raw carrots, a spinach or berry smoothie. Eventually I hope to be 75% raw again (a goal I have for summer) but right now, we're making do with what we can afford and to what we have access.

I hope that this helps and inspires someone. Perhaps you might like to add your own healthy snack and meal ideas in the comments section! We busy, exhausted, pregnant mamas would certainly appreciate it.

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  1. Our standard weekend fare, always includes homemade pizza or calzones. The crust is supper easy and healthy (I've been using the bread machine). Top with veggies, goat cheese, and voila.


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