Sunday, February 15, 2009

Nothin' says lovin' like new bedding!

While we are not big on the whole Valentine's Day thing, I still think it is super fun and I will continue to participate in the exchanging of cards by way of my children and I will carry on the tradition of giving my kids a small gift on Valentine's Day because that is what my mama did. Always. Friday, as I mentioned before, we hosted a homeschool Valentine's Day party! I was so happy to be surrounded by my friends and their children. I've felt pretty isolated lately what with the bed rest and then the FUNK!! Even He-Man was totally fine when a friend of his starting playing with his Wall-E lap top. He must have been feeling unusually sociable as well!

The party was lots of fun! We enjoyed some yummy treats, decorating bags, exchanging Valentine's and spending time outdoors.My makeshift "centerpiece": an old vase, some sticks that the boy brought me as a gift back in the early fall, and felt Valentine's Day hearts that I found for 90% off at Hobby Lobby last year. It's pitiful, I know. But He-Man loved it!

The Donut enjoying her special party treats.

Celery and soynut butter (that was actually good... I've never liked it before!)

"Jesus Loves Ewe" rice crispy treats. Insanely cute!

Lollipops and all natural Gianna's cookies!

Yesterday was wonderful too, despite continued illness and insomnia! The entire family headed out to run errands and landed at Target where we got me a new (WONDERFUL) pillow, all natural pillow protectors, and a new allergy/waterproof mattress pad. Oh and I can't forget those wash cloths. I found four pink wash cloths in clearance for $.74 cents. This past week, I came to realize that I had only one non-cleaning rag in the house. I didn't even have a wash cloth with which I could wash my face. See, it's the little things that really make me happy! The kids both picked out a coloring book a piece as their gifts and I also splurged on my own box of Crayons because someone (ahem) has a breaking crayons obsession and my fingers are too big for that!

While we were out and about, we received a phone call from a fellow church member. They had purchased tickets for the special Valentine's Date Night event at our church and were unable to attend due to illness. Would we like to go in their place? Well, I had really really wanted to attend this function and didn't feel like we could make the commitment ahead of time due to the whole baby thing! So, this really was a welcomed last minute blessing. Much to my surprise, my sweet husband agreed to go.
I had to go out of my way to prepare for attending. The church was to be feeding the children. This meant packing them a dinner and making repeated threats and bribes that if they stayed away from the cookies, pizza, soda, and chips, they could have some soy green tea ice cream when they got home. (There were three teenagers and a gymnasium full of children. I was a little stressed imagining how well they were being supervised, hence the threats and long warnings about making healthy choices and being obedient.) Paid off, I truly believe that the boy took responsibility for himself and his sister and kept them both away from the junk. He was way too proud of himself to have been lying (another problem we've been having).
The dinner and fellowship were nice. It was good to meet a few new folks and to spend time with some people I've been wanting to get to know better! They were taking photographs of each couple and the "setting" for the photos looked JUST LIKE the "setting" in my senior prom pictures. EGAD. I can't wait to get those pictures! We've never had pics made like that before!

Watching "Fireproof", again, reiterated in my mind why I am so thankful to still be married to my amazing husband and just how close we were to becoming another statistic! So, I ended my Valentine's evening feeling extra grateful to have this amazing man by my side and for the unquestionable assurance inside my heart that we are the real deal. We are forever. We are going to grow old together (God willing). It's a little scary to be as vulnerable as I am but I'd much rather experience this intense love and to run the risk of having to miss him like crazy than to have my heart separated from him and therefore from my Heavenly Father as well.

I totally adore my husband and that is the coolest Valentine's Day gift possible!

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  1. We watched Fireproof for the first time Friday night. And cried. Together.


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