Friday, February 13, 2009

Chocolate and Sunshine... how can it get any better than that?

A couple of days ago, the Captain got motivated and created some chocolate... some Ridiculous Chocolate to be exact. He says that while he is on hiatus from his night time job, he intends to finally sit down and figure out this whole chocolate business thing. One of our dreams is to earn a steady and significant income from the chocolates so that he can quit said night time job. Imagine that... giving up nights away from the family in order to help minister to others about the joys of healthy "junk" food. Chocolate that not only isn't bad for you, but is actually beneficial to your health. Our biggest hang up is packaging and shipping. Once that is developed, we'll be ready to roll. I can see a giveaway on the horizon!
The chocolates were, mostly, for our Homeschool Valentine's Day party that we are hosting... erm... I guess today? In six hours, some of our favorite people will join us for bag decorating, Valentine exchange, fellowship, and food. Speaking of food...

I have to give a shout out to my girl Kristi. As you ALLLLL know, we've been sick here for over a week and it totally sucks. Well, we're about to have a baby, at HOME, and I've been trying everything under the sun to keep us from catching anything else. We've stayed home a lot, taken a ton of garlic, echinecea, and Vitamin C, and above all else, eliminated sugar. I didn't realize just HOW much sugar we do consume and I've decided to put a stop to it. At any rate, I sent out a note to all of the guests asking that no one be offended if I ask about the existence of sugar in their treats at today's party. I explained that we are working super hard to keep everyone well and that is just one of our angles. It's nothing personal. My pal Kristi responds that she'll change her snack from cookies to some fruit. WHAT? Maybe that doesn't sound so insane to you, reader, but to me, it was HUGE. God was screaming at me... "Look at where I've put you! See your new friends and how cool they are? I ROCK!!"

This incident was just soooo obviously a sign that I was in the right place now and that God is looking out for me. Not so long ago, my social network included people who actually publicly berated me on my own message board for asking that the dairy at a pot luck I WAS HOSTING be kept out of reach from my small children since I was going to be busy and wouldn't have a chance to keep an eye out. There were people who would make snide remarks about our dietary choices not only to me but my children. There were even folks making fun of other moms because they cooked for their toddlers in the morning? If we went to a social gathering, there were very few food options for us... just what we brought and little more. I felt so left out and uncomfortable, even at events I was hosting in my own home. I can only begin to tell you how happy I am to be in a "group" (whatever that means) of people who get me. But not only that, they don't even have to bend in order to accommodate me... they are just naturally like me! And I LOVE that!

Now, On To the SUNSHINE!! We've been having some really unseasonably lovely (and weird) weather here lately. While this has rendered me helpless in ways (abrupt changes in weather ALWAYS give me bronchitis... gotta work on that. Supplement ideas are appreciated), I can't help but prefer the heaviness in my chest over the SAD I was experiencing. Being off and on bed rest, having sick children, and just generally coping with life during the winter has been rough. But I don't have to tell you that... a lot of folks suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and I'm not alone on this one! We took full advantage of the rather warm weather yesterday and stayed outside the majority of the day! Words can't fully describe the joy I experienced while letting the kids help their daddy put the fixed transmission back into the veggie van (FINALLY!!!!!) and run around and get totally filthy, the way little kids should. Days when a bath is required are indeed productive days. I actually climbed on to the trampoline with a pillow and laid in the sunshine while indulging in book three of my favorite book series (no, it's not Twilight). What a fantastic, perfect way to spend an afternoon. It was also pretty exciting to find out that at 36 weeks, I can still fit into my size Medium maternity clothes. Weight loss is such a challenge after having a baby and it's something I don't think I'll have to worry about too much this time around. Truly, I pray that the weather remain like this and that the tornadoes hold off (for the rest of the year would be nice but at least until my honey is on leave from his night job).

My lovely boy grinning in the sunlight!

The pigs and Raggedy Ann (which once belonged to my mama)
share some popcorn on the back porch.

The Donut looking especially cute and healthy! What a blessing!

How have YOU been enjoying the random sunshine?

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  1. I'm glad you have some sunshine in these last weeks of pregnancy. It's so hard to be that pregnant and also cooped up!
    We're finally getting rain here, and while we're stuck inside, we have to remember to be grateful because we're also facing a horrible drought if this rain doesn't keep up.
    What a wonderful gift to have found a community of friends that mesh with you ideals and lifestyle. So fabulous.
    Sounds like we were having a similar day yesterday. We also had a bag decorating party/ valentines exchange, and I was feeling the same way. Very blessed by the people in our life who help us raise our kids.
    Here's to no more tornados


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