Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Bumps and Natural Woman Herbals

This is likely to be my last pregnancy. After a lot of struggles and tears, we are thinking of making number three the final addition to our crew. I'm not totally at peace about this matter but I'm working on it! The near decision has forced me to see this pregnancy in a different manner. And I felt that it was very important that I have some maternity photos made. While I've not managed to make it to JC Penney for the pictures like I'd planned (hey, there is still time), I did have a friend offer to take some with her very sweet camera and I must say that I was thrilled with the outcome, especially since I didn't even fix my hair that day. I posted the photos on facebook and before I knew it, two other friends had snagged them and played photoshop with a few. So, now I have super cool pics that have also been made to look even more "professional". I thought that I'd post a few of my favorites here. I also think I'll take this time to give a shout out to Ali at the Cozy Bunny. She was kind enough to mail me some of her Natural Woman Herbals Belly Oil. Let me tell you, mamas, this oil is fantastic. I've never gotten stretch marks on my belly during pregnancy. But I have had itchy, scaling skin. I even had a mild case of PUPS when I was pregnant with the Donut. There is no WAY I would have had my baby bump photographed with all of those spots all over my skin. Yuck. This time around, I've barely had any itchiness and my midwife even commented once on how smooth the skin on my belly felt. I can certainly attribute the loveliness of my bump to this fabulous oil and I'd recommend it to anyone. My favorite thing about it? The smell. It has just the faintest odor and it's soooo clean smelling. I can't really think of a better what to describe it. Clean. I can't wait to be able to tell you about the herbal baby bottom spray and the fantastic wool changing pad that she sent me as well! But we have to wait for the baby to get here for that, right? :)

Okay, so onto the bump!

In my backyard, in front of the birdhouse that my dad built for He-Man after he was born.

I love that I had such lovely photos taken in my own yard!

Alright, Kristi, let's "practice" by taking photos of the entire family in my yard this spring! She does a great job, doesn't she?


  1. Beautiful! You should do another photo with your hands in the shape of a heart on your belly. There's still time.... ;o)

  2. Thanks, Mamas. I'll consider it Amy but in general, I tend to shy away from supposed-to's and "trends". ;)


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