Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tis the season to Celebrate!!

Seems that our family starts celebrating in November and then we don't get a break until, this year at least, January 10th. I'm not complaining. I feel entirely blessed by the many occasions we have to celebrate. On December 21st, the Captain and I marked our 6th wedding anniversary. We spent the morning at church and then came home to make mulled wine and to open our Christmas gifts. Since he had to work on the actual holiday, we decided that we'd just pretend that it was Christmas on that day at our house. I loved being home all afternoon and evening, not rushing around, and spending time with my wonderful family. It was truly the perfect Christmas, even if it was a few days early.

The kids received entirely too much stuff. My favorite gifts that they got were the Wall-E laptop and a set of Melissa and Doug paper punches. Between us, their grandparents, and their uncle, I was relieved that I'd decided to get rid of a ton of stuff before Christmas came along. Next year, we're not going to buy stuff. And hopefully others won't either. We're running out of space... for people and stuff.

I was thrilled with my new ladle, Hello Kitty popcorn popper, and, a big shock, the set of jewelry that my sweet husband gave to me. I've worn them almost daily since then!

On Christmas Eve, the children and I spent time reading about the Birth of Jesus and doing art related to the same theme. We listened to music and relaxed. That evening we headed to our church for a special Christmas Eve service and I finally got to meet a person who has become quite dear to me via Facebook. The next day the children received their stockings and we enjoyed a special breakfast of special coffee and french toast before we headed over to spend the day with the kids' grandparents and great grandmother.

Our entire family rang in 2009 with some of my favorite people at church. We ate and ate and then ate some more while playing Trivial Pursuit and laughing. A lot. All of us got to meet new friends and it was exactly what I'd prayed for. Literally, for weeks I'd been praying that at we'd get invited to something for New Years that would help further our goal to be more social and make more friends. At the very last minute, my pal Kristi invited us to this thing at our church. I couldn't help but giggle about it... God made me wait on Him and He taught me a lesson on never giving up. I could not have imagined a better way to spend the evening unless of course a few more of my favorite people had been there! I'm really glad that we went.

New Year's Day, also the Donut's birthday, was nice and relaxing. I'd invited the grandparents over for birthday lunch and, what turned out to be birthday brownies instead of cake. The Donut did NOT care though! She ate all of her spaghetti, opened her gifts, and then played with the princess beauty kit for the rest of the afternoon. We spent the evening curled on the sofa, watching "Little House on the Prairie" and "Three's Company" while coloring in Hello Kitty and My Little Pony coloring books that I found on clearance at Walgreens for 28 cents. It means more than I can possibly express to be able to pass that tradition on to my daughter. My mom and I didn't have a lot of "traditions" but coloring in Christmas coloring books on the couch together, with a box of crayons between us, was something we did into my adult years. I felt a little silly getting all weepy when talking about it the other day but coloring with Mama is one of my favorite memories and coloring with my little girl is quickly becoming one of my favorite new memories. So, maybe that is going to be our thing. Along with hair brushing and cooking and shopping. Either way, I am daily faced with the idea that this little girl is the biggest surprise package I've ever received. I had no idea that it would be so much fun and boy, am I so terribly glad to know this little lady, my princess ninja girl.

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