Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today, I am trying to remember to be thankful for the little things... the things that I would normally take for granted when I've not been couch-confined for a whole week. The appointment with my midwife on Tuesday left me with the advice to continue to take it easy but that it was fine for me to return to some light exercise and, as long as my contractions stay awake (and they have so far!! yay!!!), I can return to taking care of the house and food and stuff. I have to assume this means no deep cleaning and staying on my feet for 8 hours solid while my nesting instinct kicks into high gear. But it probably means that loading and unloading the dishwasher, cleaning counters, doing laundry, etc is a-ok. So, I'm really excited to be back to semi-normal, though it's hard for me to not be climbing up on things to wash window edges. But I'm terribly thankful for being able to do those little things.

Things like:

Cooking my own dinner. Because, let's face it. I'm a good cook and I like to eat my own food even if my friend's food is rockin' awesome and greatly appreciated! (Thanks Courtney!)

Playing and dancing with my kids. Don't worry, I wasn't doing the limbo or anything... just dancing around a little bit and exercising my arms... to 80's music on channel 416. Then we did a couple of puzzles while singing to songs like "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Land of Confusion".

Taking out the compost. It was gettin' stinky!

Not having to depend upon everyone else for help. I'm not good at this at all!

Other things that have blessed me this week...

Funny kids. Last night we were watching "American Idol" auditions and during a paticularly bad performance, He-Man said that he was going to put his bottom in the air and shoot things at this girl to make her stop. My abdomen ached from the laughter.

Being interviewed for an article in the Tennessean about Mommy Blogging. I was able to share some things that mean a lot to me and I'm excited to see the outcome of the story.

Amazing friends! I had a pal bringing me food. A friend bringing over Pick up Sticks and Guess Who? and watched a crazy terrible movie with me while she braided my hair. Girls who brought their kiddos to Barnes and Noble to help celebrate Donut's birthday since we had to cancel the real party because of my "condition". :( Tons of friends who have offered to help out in one way or another.

My in laws have really stepped up to the plate to help out this week as well.

An awesome husband who works all night, all day, and then still comes home and does laundry, dishes, food, etc.

Sweet kids who have learned to be servants by offering to help me out and even rubbing my legs with lotion.

My eye injury (scratched cornea from a little boy's sleep flailing) could have been a TON worse! I was so glad when I felt almost totally better the very next day.

Good tv. New episodes of my favorite shows couldn't have come at a better time!

I've been doing a daily Bible reading and I was especially blessed by these verses. I kept reading them over and over.... I don't think I've ever done that!

13 Blessed is the one who finds wisdom and the one who obtains understanding.

14 The profit gained from wisdom is greater than the profit gained from silver. Its yield is better than fine gold.

15 Wisdom is more precious than jewels, and all your desires cannot equal it.

16 Long life is in wisdom's right hand. In wisdom's left hand are riches and honor.


  1. Glad that things are going better! Noah and I would love to see you guys next week. I'll email you soon.:) Have a great Friday!

  2. Thank you for following my blog as well. :) ha, I hear ya about your frustrations with trying to find fresh produce this time of year, in fact I just finished writing a blog venting on particular subject. We have the beautiful North Market here, but it is a bit of a trip for us downtown and we tend to stay close to home during the cold season. We actually used to live in Nashville, and then Franklin (my hubby used to work in Murfreesboro) and one of our favorite things to do on a summer afternoon was go to the farmers market. Aw, brings back lots of good memories. :) Anyway, hope to chat with you more soon!


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