Sunday, January 25, 2009

How things are going in our world.

The Captain's weeks of working both jobs are always challenging. This week has been particularly so. We are having behavioral issues with He-Man and the Donut has simply not been herself this week. I can't help but think that their conditions are a combination of being stuck in the house a lot of the time and missing their daddy. After all, I'm a grown up and I begin to cry a little each day because I miss the man so much. And I usually talk to him for at least an hour or so during the night when I can't sleep. The kids don't even get that.

What we need is time for one on one outings/dates with the children. And if we couldn't accomplish it much with just two kids, I imagine that three will make it even harder.

Our lives have been tremendously blessed with lots of visits with friends over the past few weeks. I am often overwhelmed by how fortunate I am in the friend department. One of my goals this year is to identify the folks in my life who are meant to be long term friends and then work on those relationships. My friends are my family and I need them greatly.

We leave Tuesday for Gatlinburg. We're going to be experiencing our last vacation as a family of four. What a bitter sweet time it is for us. In just a few short weeks, there will be another baby. Another boy. Another youngest. Everything will shift, permanently. I didn't personally adjust well to this same shift when the Donut came along but of course I had extenuating circumstances with which to deal. This time around, I'm at least not grieving over the inevitable near death of my mother.

I have been grieving the fact that my children don't particularly know anyone to whom I'm blood related. Except one another. It is the times when I realize such things that I truly feel like an adult orphan and need a support group.

School is on the back burner these days. We watch a lot of tv and do a lot of board games, puzzles, reading. But structured learning activities are out the window. I don't know why I fret over these things. The kids are still far ahead in their "smarts". Yet Satan still uses guilt as his tool to make me feel like a terrible mom. Why do I always fall for his evil tricks?

Artsy Mamas leaves me feeling peaceful though! We have received about six offers for give aways on the up and coming new site. I had someone offer to lead a day long painting workshop for moms which I believe will go over well. One person has offered to help... just in general! Which is always appreciated greatly. And the biggest news of all is the request that a senior at an art college in Nashville be given permission to do her huge project about our organization. This will include helping us to identify our challenges and then assisting us in moving forward with fulfilling our needs. I'm amazed at how God works and how He never leads me down the wrong pathway. Thank you, Father, for helping me to breathe, slow down, and really savor this brain child. It is such a blessing to me and hopefully to others!

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  1. I don't believe in Satan in a literal sense....but I like the image of Satan giving us guilt.

    It is a horrible thing. I have it all the time.


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