Monday, January 5, 2009

30 Day Encourage Your Husband Challenge: Update

Ya know, I gotta say that this challenge has not been very challenging thus far! Maybe that is because I changed my attitude to my husband long before I started the challenge and so it's already become a habit to me. Or maybe it's because the Lord has blessed me with a man who is just so easy to respect, honor, adore, and speak lovingly to and about. I think my next step needs to be to ask him to hold me accountable. Perhaps there are things that I am doing or saying that I just don't notice. After all, I am a crazy pregnant lady!

We really do have it good! Yesterday we were sitting, together, in our class at church (which is led by this hilarious fellow from NYC who reminds me of a cross between one of the New Kids on the Block and Buster Poindexter... LOVE this guy!) and we were asked to talk about the things in our schedule that put stress on our lives, our marriage and whether or not we had to have those things in our lives. Well, gosh darn it, we couldn't come up with one thing. I mean, not one thing. Of course, there is the baby that is about to be born. There are the kids that don't sleep well. But everything that popped into my head was things that we intend to do something about or is just a part of the season of our lives. As my husband said, we've pretty much taken care of all of the stressors.

Just thinking of our marriage, our lives in that manner, I realized how lucky I am. I mean, this man works 19 hour days, rarely complains beyond saying, "Boy, I'm tired" or something similar, and still takes the time to come home and see me and the kids for a few minutes before collapsing for much needed but not nearly enough sleep. I'm just so glad that one of his jobs is not physically taxing.

When he is at home, he helps me out tremendously. He is so attentive to my needs. He makes dinner, he does the laundry (he has done all of the laundry for like the past week!), and if I woke him in the middle of the night to tell him about one of my weird pregnancy cravings, he'd hop in the car and drive to Kroger just to pick the item up for me. Because he is just that kind of guy. He uses kind words. He is affectionate. He takes care of the tough stuff around the house. He's one in a million, I tell ya! I often feel spoiled and like I don't deserve him.

But isn't that how we should feel about Christ's love? And isn't a man supposed to love his wife the way that Jesus loves the church? So, I'm feeling doubly blessed these days. Not only do I have this amazing man who was obviously a gift directly from the Lord to be my partner in life, but I also have a savior who loves me just as selflessly... moreso really. Unbelievable! I don't deserve either of them but I suppose it's not about being deserving, is it? I just need to try harder to return the blessings that I receive from these two incredible men!

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  1. Glad that you were able to go to the Bible class! We get a kick out of the teacher too!:) Hopefully we'll be there next week!:)


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