Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tis the Season to be Artsy

I suppose there is something about pregnancy that makes me extra super duper creative. Lately I've been enjoying a very crafty streak and, let me tell ya, this is highly unusual for me.

I'm even feeling compelled to start my own Etsy shop where I sell some of my items.

For instance, here are some mirrors that I've "embellished". In the past, I've mostly been used to embellishing stories but I much prefer the whole mirror thing!

Basically, I got the mirrors at IKEA well over a year ago and finally decided to do something with them. I didn't have even one bottle of acrylic paint so I bought some at Hobby Lobby. Along with some glittery card stock and silver glitter mod podge. With Artsy Mamas money, I purchased a circular paper punch for one of our activities. And voila. I set to decoupaging like a mad woman. I also decoupaged a personalized princess box for the Donut's birthday but I'm not quite finished with it. Photos to come as soon as my printer is working and I can make prints of the little lady in her hot pink Princess costume to decoupage to the top of the box. So anyway, my friend Michelle, who also happens to be an expert on the matter (hee hee) says that these mirrors would easily sell. Wow! What a concept! Someone might actually be willing to purchase my art? Now we're gettin' somewhere. What do you think?

Below is a very thrown together "pink princess" scarf for the donut. Easy, cheap... and maybe not that well made. But totally a hit!

A couple of weeks ago I went to this friend's house to make soap (and eat yummy chocolate). We had a great time. Here are my two favorite soaps.

Those are sequins and spangles inside of glycerin soap scented with essential oils. The spangles worked really well and I can't wait to make more! This is a fantastic gift for anyone, even children. Little ones love to have their own special soap in their own bathrooms!

Even the kiddos have been creating! We got out all of the Christmas stickers and they were given freedom to decorate these stocking ornaments for family and friends. I loved this activity and so did they.

I can't wait to show the other things we've been working on around here! And I wish that someone had thought to take a photo of that lemon merigne pie that the captain made last night!

What have you been making this holiday season? Please share links to your Artsy Mama creations!

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  1. Very cool. Those mirrors look so cool...and the scarf. VERY RONIN.

    I have been working on more "Save the Dates" for my stepbrother's wedding (the word got out that I make that stuff..LOL) And that set me in a crafty mood. I'm inspired to make some Acrylic paged mini scrapbooks for people as well as more stationary stuff. So, come the new year I'm going to focus on selling our house and then preparing boxes for my "craft" room in our new house (this room is not set in stone..but I keep praying for it) Then, OFCOURSE, bring on the scrapbooking!!!


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