Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Revive MY Heart, Oh Lord

On my birthday, I wrote about how I wanted to improve as a wife. So, this desire has caused me to start researching different ways in which I could use my place as the helpmate God chose for this sweet man in my life in order to make his life easier and less stressful. As some of you may know, my man is a very hard worker. He works 19 hour days most of the time. When he is at home, the kids are all over him because they, too, are as in love with him as I am. He's such a good daddy, I don't blame them! I've remained faithful in my promise to pray for him, his job, and that situation more often. I can't say that I've prayed every day over the last month but if I've not, I've only skipped a couple of days here and there. I put one of his business cards in the window above my sink so that when I'm at the sink (like I happen to be about a thousand times per day), I will remember to think of him, pray for him, and lift him up to the Lord. This has really worked. I've also begun reading some books like THE POWER OF A POSITIVE MOM and LORD, I WISH MY HUSBAND WOULD PRAY WITH ME. I found both of these books in our church library. I'm enjoying them both and I find them to be inspirational. Having that resource on hand, for free, is truly a blessing! (Lately, I've noticed that I can't stand to read books that are filled with any type of filth. Dirty words, icky situations. All of it is unappealing to me. So, the church library is the only safe place for me to find books these days!)

In addition to the books, I've found a few websites that are extremely helpful. I already received ABOVE RUBIES in the mail but now I've joined their yahoo group. I find this to be very helpful and extremely encouraging. There are so many other moms out there who want to be Godly wives and who want to fill their home with little bundles of joy. I feel less alone!

Mostly, however, I've been excited to wait until after the holidays to start this 30 Day Challenge. I think that I might actually begin this challenge on January 1st. Not that I couldn't handle doing these things for my husband starting today but I feel led to focus on the birth of our savior over the next few days. But that is a totally different post.

So, think about it and perhaps you might like to join me in this challenge. It's not too time consuming and the blessings, I expect, will be infinite. I will be praying that the right people will choose to journey with me down this road!

Expect to hear more from me after the holidays because Artsy Mamas is buying a laptop. So that means I can work online and run my organization from the comfort of my cozy and, most importantly, warm, living room! I am so thankful!


  1. Yay! A laptop. We should meet at a coffee house somewhere(do we have one?) and both work on our laptops :)

  2. Have you read "The Power Of A Praying Wife" by Stormie O Martain?
    GREAT book and a reminder that after our personal time with the Lord....we are to pray for our "one flesh" first and foremost or not much can be well in our lives. The book also focuses on areas to pray over - health, temptations, stress, etc. Every wife should read it.

    God bless you! -Amy


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