Thursday, January 1, 2009

Celebrating a new year with a give away!

New Years day became extra special for our family three years ago when a feisty little girl made her way into this world. Even though at the time I was convinced that I did not want a little girl and never would, she has been a fantastic gift to me, her daddy, and her brother. Now, as we await the arrival of yet another amazing little person, I'm excited to announce my first give away! Since I hope to spend 2009 becoming more of a professional-type blogger (however that might look), I suppose it is only appropriate to start off the year by handing out the goods. Thanks to JellyBean Apparel, I'm able to just that! And what an awesome give away it is. These guys sent me my favorite maternity shirt ever. Seriously. Isn't it adorable? And funny? And soft. Softest. Shirt. Of. All. Time. Well, at least for me! But after three pregnancies, I've worn a lot of maternity clothing and I'm here to tell you that this one truly beats every one of the others! And it washes very well, even after you've spilled Thanksgiving Roasted Carrot oil all down the front of it. So, since I loved this shirt so much, JellyBean Apparel has agreed to give one of you, my readers, a shirt of your choice. That's right. And it doesn't have to be a shirt for mama. They have shirts for dad, grandma, or even grandpa! Remember, if you don't have a baby on the way, these would make a great gift for someone who does. So, everyone can participate!

This is how it works. Leave a comment on this post telling us which item or items you like best! Then blog about this give away at your own blog and include the link to that post as well. If you do not include a link back to your own blog where you've linked to this contest, you will not be entered! Sorry!! A winner will be selected on January 15th by the donut (I'll take pictures to prove it to ya!). After all, she is the birthday girl and one of the reasons why you are even here, reading this!


  1. Look at you GLOWING!!! You look just amazing!! Keep our baby in the oven!

  2. Oooooh, Happy Birthday to the donut and please tell her to pick me!

    I posted the link on my livejournal site:

    because I'm in the process of switching my Coming Up Rosemary! blog over to blogspot.

    Oh, and my favorite is the bun in the oven one. But I like the short-sleeved brown one. :-)

  3. My favs are the floral sprig, seahorse, and scroll. All of there stuff is so cute! Pick me! Here is where I put in on my blog!

  4. Mandy how i wished i would have known about this site about oh let's say about June of 07? LOL Cute t-shirts! I love the "loving my buddah belly" that is cute i have seen several celebrities with it on. Cute website! Thanks for sharing! Clarice

  5. Congrat.......I am going to be a first time grandmother.
    I love all the t-shirts
    I think grampie to be would like this one
    Grandpa-to-Be (baseball)


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