Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tis the Season to Gather with Friends

I love getting together with my friends! The kids really like it too. Last weekend we enjoyed a healthy holiday family potluck in our home. There was vegetarian tamale pie, awesome salad, delicious beans and corn bread, tasty green tea, darn good vegan peach cobbler, and to die for cookies... in two very similar varieties! Conversation was stimulating and intelligent... topics included Santa Claus, homeschooling/unschooling (since by that time we were all homeschoolers), Christmas holidays in general, purity, and how to teach your children to deal with the freedom to make their own decisions in a world that is not in agreement with your own values/beliefs. I find it so refreshing to spend time with people who have similar beliefs and ideas as I... or who at least are respectful of my thoughts. The kids just LOVED having their friends over to play and they have not stopped talking about it since that evening.

Last week, He-Man and I visited with other friends at Greenhouse Ministries. Artsy Mamas hosted its first outreach project in their facility. The turn out was good and I enjoyed getting to meet a few new folks and making Thanksgiving tress and Christmas tree magnets! He-Man seemed to have a great time being obedient... something he tends to do whenever his sister is not around. I loved seeing all of the things for which the kids were thankful. I hope that they will take that experience with them and hold it near and dear to their hearts forever.

Then on Monday, He-Man and I traveled to the big city of Nashville (in the pouring cold rain I might add) to see the Nashville Children's Theater's performance of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". We went at a homeschool group and therefore got the group rate. He-Man loved the entire thing... he won't tell me the part that he loved the most. But his favorite part of the day was seeing his friend afterward. I think he's in love. Later that day his eyes did well up with tears while he told me how special our day had been and how much he loves me. I gotta say that there is nothing that makes a mama feel better than to hear her boy say such sweet nothings in her ear. That kid makes me feel so incredibly beautiful and special. I must be doing something right.

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