Saturday, November 22, 2008

'Tis the season to be... ahead of the game

Last weekend my family decorated for Christmas. We put up our tree, set up our table, and placed festive knick knacks in the bathroom. Some people told me that I was crazy. I say that I am just in the holiday spirit and I might as well enjoy it for as long as I possibly can. What harm could it do?

He-Man got his own tiny tree in his room! It looks so lovely lit up in the dark.

The stockings were hung on the shelves with care. Those four "hooks" were perfect this year. Next year, we'll be one hook short.

We found this among the Christmas stuff. I think my in-laws gave it to us last year and I just forgot. Anyway, it's pretty cute even if it is a little annoying and difficult to operate!

See that tiny hand at the bottom of the picture. That's Donut, trying to give the baby an ornament!

The finished tree in all its glory. This artificial tree is sentimental to me.
It was used in our wedding.
He-Man posing with my set of four Ruby Red Cape Cod Avon Wine Glasses. Since my parents didn't drink wine (at least not at the dinner table), these things were always used as candle holders when I was a kid. The red glow in the dark next to the Christmas tree was always so magical to me. I was thankful when my sweetie just stumbled upon the box that contained them (that I'd not seen since we moved into this house two and a half years ago). I have been lighting them for my little one who loves red.


  1. Very sweet--I am not allowed to decorate till the day after thanksgiving. :) Hubby made that rule when first married and I wanted to decorate right after Halloween. :)

  2. It all looks so wonderfully festive.

    I'm usually against decorating until pretty close to the day, though my boys contribute to that rule as they are so busy.

    I love my fake tree too, and, our anniversary is during the holidays also. Happy Anniversary! (Unless of course you got married in June, but just needed a tree for the ceremony :)

  3. Ah, Heather, rules are made to be broken! It was my hubby's idea actually! He's just so glad to see me in the holiday spirit.

    And yes, Z&T, my anniversary is Dec. 21st. We'll be married 6 years! I'll be posting about the wedding next month.

  4. That is precious that she was giving the baby an ornament!! So cute! Great job on being done pretty much!! Yay!!!

    I'll see you on Tuesday!

  5. That is precious that she was giving the baby an ornament!! So cute! Great job on being done pretty much!! Yay!!!

    I'll see you on Tuesday!

  6. aw :)))
    i LOVE christmas trees
    now i want to decorate!!

  7. Looked great Mandy! I felt very "in the spirit" at your house!I am thinking of waiting until Christmas Eve to do the tree this year- it seems so old fashioned and homey to do it then. Plus, it is difficult for us to find a free day (so we can take our time and do it all together) in the weeks before Christmas. We would then keep it up until Epiphany. I will do my other decorations at the begining of Advent, though.

  8. Manda: I've always wanted to do that... wait until Christmas Eve to decorate. It does seem very old fashioned. Our trouble is that daddy is never at home for Christmas so we can't leave him out :(. Oh, and what is Epiphany? I love that word!

  9. omgosh I love christmas and I had my tree up the first weekend in November! Happy Holidays to you and your family!


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