Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thankful Thursday

God has been super duper busy answering my prayers this week. Maybe it's because I've been busy praying for a change?

We found out that the midwife is going to cost us significantly less than we were planning.

The Captain has a friend who is willing to help him remove the broken transmission from our veggie van which will cut the cost of fixing it by half.

We'll potentially have the money to pay to fix the transmission really soon because we are going to sell our other van and start driving a new-to-us van that is being given to us as a gift from the always generous minivan fairy.

I have had two responses to my ad on Craigslist asking for help with writing a grant for Artsy Mamas. And Hobby Town has given Center for the Arts some wonderful kits and supplies that will lend themselves nicely to ready-made activities during my six month hiatus from programing.

Tuesday night I had a chance to meet up with other moms and their kids at Greenhouse Ministries while enjoying pizza and crafts. What a blast!

Tomorrow night I host many of my good friends for a holiday potluck. How fortunate I am to have a home in which I can entertain and the friends to invite over to enjoy it!

The pot of black bean and pumpkin soup on the stove smells heavenly.

I've been feeling especially crafty and I'm ready to create create create!

Now, Lord, please just hear my prayer that the job starts bringing in revenue for our family and let me know which endeavor to pursue in order to help my family get out of this financial situation. I have a hard time focusing sometimes, Lord!

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  1. We are in desperate need of a grant for Born Again Technologies. There is only enough on the books for us to stay open one more month. Our vendor that picks up our scrap has stolen 54,000 pounds of equipment plus 576 monitors. I am desperate! Please, give my e-mail address to your grant writers if you can. I would really appreciate it! Blessings...-Amy


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