Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Quite frankly, I desperately want to just blog about how annoyed I am and how I want to just scream. The boy has been behaving like a child who needs to attend alternative school and the Donut blew a hole in her foot tonight because dad let her outside in bare feet while he shot off those crazy smoke bomb thingies. Needless to say, she stepped on it. Fun times.

But instead I will stay true to my commitment to blog about thankfulness. Here goes I say with a grrrrrr in my head.

- Okay, I'll get a little political. As I've already stated, I voted for Chuck Baldwin in this election. However, regardless of the fact that the new president elect does not represent my own personal beliefs, I am excited, humbled, and encouraged that our country has elected a man of minority. That is a victory I think that we can ALL share.

-Tomorrow night is date night. And I mean ALL night. Both kids are going away over night. Sweet. The Captain and I are celebrating both of our birthdays (he turns 31 on the 12th and I turn 31 on the 26th). And celebrating perhaps our last night alone for a good two and a half years because you KNOW the in-laws won't keep the new baby until he's at least two.

-I'm almost finished with both Christmas and Birthday shopping for both children. He-Man will not have a birthday until March but I like to be on top of things. The kids will be getting fun things like Wall-E pjs, an abacus, an Ariel doll, animal categorization cards, nice clothing (yay clearance), Wall-E and Princess shirts, a percussion set, and Princess magnet play set. I still need to pick up pjs for Donut and to get on top of the homemade gifts I'm making for her. I'm still trying to decide if I want to decoupage her paper mache heart box with the photos of her meeting the princesses or if I'd like to frame them for her room. Also on the agenda is a set of homemade Foofa and Plex tshirts or maybe cloth bags.

-Trader Joe's opens in Nashville TOMORROW. Expect Monday's post to be all about the Joe's. Sooooooo very excited.

-Saturday night I have the opportunity to focus on the things for which I am thankful by celebrating (and leading) an evening of gratitude for Artsy Mamas. I look forward to focusing on gratitude with my friends!

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