Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rocking the boat!

Yesterday the little guys and I "rocked the boat". At least that is what He-Man said we were doing. What was hilarious is that I didn't say a thing to him about rocking the vote. I just said we were going to vote. I was terrified of standing in line for an hour or more with two children who didn't know what we were doing or why we were just standing there. I even brought (all natural) lollipops to help kill some of the time. But all of that worry was totally unnecessary. We pulled right up to the front of the building, hopped out and immediately voted. There was no wait. Whew. What a blessing. And I was so giddy to place my vote for Chuck Baldwin as president. I suppose that in a way I did "rock the boat" by not voting against any candidate. This guy is so totally awesome. He's a Christian. He's pro-life. AND he'd go to bat for the things that concern me like homeschool, vaccinations, and he even wants to dissolve the FDA. I want to have dinner with this guy! He's my kinda folk. So, Mr. Baldwin, while I never believed for a second that you could become the next president, I don't feel that my vote was wasted. I used my valuable vote to speak up for a candidate who represents me better than any other candidate on the ballot. Thank you for giving me that option!


  1. Why dissolve the FDA? Enlighten me, please. Thanks. :o)

  2. Amy, here is a link that explains the problems with the FDA. This expresses my beliefs very accurately.


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