Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Trip Part 3: No vacation from being "artsy"

I love how, as an unschooling family, we can drop the workbooks (the kids love these things while I find them painfully boring) and head to Florida for a week and yet we are still "doing school". My "curriculum" always includes some sort of art or creative activity and I believe that the more things they are creating with their hands or their minds, the more the "activity" "counts". (Please don't report me to this chick.) Anyway, while we were on vacation (a month later, I'm still blogging about it), I made sure that the kids were thoroughly engrossed in creative boredom busters.
They got to help their Aunt make pizzas!

Just as I'd planned, while we were in Tampa, we headed over to the Tampa Museum of Art for "The Art Spot" a Target-sponsored drop-in program for children of all ages. This particular week, we learned how to make gelatin prints. I loved this activity... so much that I wrote an article about it for MomboTV!

Check out the fun cookie decorating activity that the kids got to enjoy inside of Bama, one of the restaurants at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Don't worry, I scraped off all of the colorful things and let them eat the cookie!

Oh, and we must not forget the KidCot masks that all children must make while visiting Epcot!

Perhaps my most favorite activity of all was the African Storytelling and African parade. I don't have any photos of these activities because He-Man and I participated in them while the Donut had her special dinner with Daddy, the Princesses, and their boobs. The storytelling was quite authentic, told around a camp fire on a crisp evening by a young African man named Elmo. The story was a wonderful fable and made me miss my days of storytelling. Afterwards, we all met in the lobby, chose our instruments, and then learned a chant and a dance. "Af-Ree-Ka Yeah Yeah Yeah, Af-ree-Ka, yo yo yo" we sang as we played our instruments and danced wildly through the lobby of the hotel. The parade was led by a young African lady named Peace. She was lovely. This experience gave He-Man the idea that has now become a Thanksgiving day parade with his homeschool friends through the halls of a local nursing home... Stay tuned, I'll blog about that this week!

Next installment: A good vacation requires good eats!

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  1. Nice pictures, evidence of a great time with your family while you were in Tampa. :)


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