Saturday, November 1, 2008

Homeschool rewind and why I feel like a total hypocrite

First, I have still not posted about "D" week because it took place the week we were leaving for Walt Disney World. Whew. So, here are a few fun photos from that week.He-Man "Disco Dancing"... to Bee Gees nonetheless. Sweet.

Drawing our Dear Daddy.

Donut with her Dots on the Letter D art!

This week, instead of doing all sorts of Halloween-related activities, we attended an Artsy Mamas "El Dia De Los Muertos" activity, learned about spiders, and spent all day yesterday, the 31st, focused on pumpkin (and television-watching) activities. The kids do not seem deprived. They don't seem to care. When I told them that yesterday was Halloween and others were out trick or treating, they didn't bat an eye. Instead of attending our church's fall family festival (that included trunk or treating) we stayed home and watched "Gilmore Girls" while coloring in coloring books. The perfect way to spend an evening if you ask me. So, I managed to water down the "holiday" and I feel really good about the way that the week went. However, I'm really beating myself up about last weekend. I'm a sucker for trying to please grandparents. I didn't have grandparents and I feel bad if I do anything to further isolate the kids from theirs. So when my mother-in-law suggested that we spend the entire day "trick or treating" or "truck or treating" or whatever ridiculous thing it's being called now, I said okay. And I regretted it before, during, and especially after.

What's my deal with trick or treating? I don't mind so much my children getting dressed up in their costumes. They do it all of the time here around the house and I have no problem with them wearing whatever they may like, within reason, out into public. That part I can handle. I'm even okay with pumpkins and jack-0-lanterns. Despite having educated myself on the origins of the jack-o-lantern, I feel okay with their pressence in my home. I set the pumpkin- related decorations out around the house. I'm cool with that. Besides, pumpkin orange is my very favorite color and pumpkins make me feel very happy. I'd have them around my house all year long if it wasn't weird. (Since when has that ever stopped me?) Anyway, I remove witches, devils, angels, and evil looking things from my Halloween decor and I feel okay. Honestly, it's the actual candy and trick or treating that really has me convicted. The thought of my children asking people for candy (even though I forbade the use of the actual words trick or treat), whether they eat it or not, is troubling to me. It bugs the absolute dickens out of me and I will not stand for it again. I can't. There is a reason why I feel convicted and I must listen to that. Now, how do I talk to the grandparents about it? They are really the only people who would be affected by this final decision I have made about my children. My kids won't care and it's no one else's business. My friend Kemi did send me a link regarding "Reverse Trick or Treating". Now that is uber cool. I love the idea of my children spreading information about the truth in place of saying things like "Trick or Treat" or "Happy Halloween" to a bunch of folks. I had even considered having them pass out stickers or cards that tell folks that Jesus loves them but you never know if people will be rude. Not that I mind my children learning to deal with adversity in exchange for sharing their beliefs. It's something I've had to get used to. I know what most people are thinking... Halloween is fun! What's the harm? Well, I'm here to tell you that binge drinking and smoking weed are fun too but that doesn't mean I need to encourage my children to participate in such activities.

I have been able to stand my ground on the whole Santa Claus deal (some guy in a suit does NOT bring you gifts... it's mommy and daddy and dad works really hard so that we can buy you cool things)... why is this one so much harder?

So, what do you think? If you don't celebrate Halloween, how do you handle your friends and relatives who do?


  1. yeah i don't so much have to deal with that stuff yet. i dressed zebediah up as a monster this year, though. it was cute.

  2. We don't do any of that stuff. I have explained to the kids the origins of halloween and the evil and deception in it. If our church has a skating ring activity we will go, but we don't do the door to door thing, or scary stuff. When people ring our bell we don't answer. My daughter since she was 3 speaks her mind whenever we go somewhere that has "ugly" decorations displayed. We don't do Santa Claus either or the Christmas tree because neither have anything to do with Christmas. We explain what the Bible says and call things as they are: lies and made up stuff to distract people from the Real Truth: Jesus! BTW, I will be back to read more on your blog. :) Thanks for sharing. Tereza

  3. I found this post to be very interesting. We celebrate Halloween but for us, it is not about evil, it is more about silly things. Monsters are silly in our house, not evil. I definitely understand why people do not believe in celebrating the holiday though. Thank you for sharing your opinion. I have never heard of truck or trunk or treating. It's trick or treating around here.

  4. I realize I'm reading this a year later, but have you considered just doing trick or treat for UNICEF? That would make the tradition soley about doing good for others, and your children's refusal of candy would emphasize this point.


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