Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun with Food Prego Contest

5 Minutes For Mom and Prego are hosting a photo contest!! And I'm so excited to say that the theme is "Fun with Food". I have an entire photo album called just that on my myspace account! But I had to pick just one. So, here goes.

I know this photo looks a little... well... gross maybe. But it's soooo funny. The entire family had just enjoyed a nice meal, finished off by a wonderful vegan chocolate fondue. This was a first fondue experience for the kids and it got messy. I'd love to show you the other photos but at risk of not being qualified to win $500 worth of groceries that we could really use, I'll leave it at just this. Apparently Donut thought that the chocolate was so tasty that she simply had to taste it no matter where she found it... even if it was on my nose or, in this case, my tongue. Ick, I know. Can't wait to repeat this new holiday tradition in the months to come! Yay chocolate fondue night!


  1. Awe..she loves her Mom..and chocolate too apparently!

  2. Too Funny!! Good luck with the contest. :o)


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