Monday, November 10, 2008

The birthday fairy came early this year, folks.

And look what she brought me.
Isn't it glorious?

Words cannot describe how happy I am that there is Trader Joe's within realistic driving distance from my house. Last August we visited Atlanta for a B-52s concert (the one where I met them). The friends with whom we stayed took us a few blocks over for lunch and there, next door stood a Trader Joe's. I'd never been inside of one but I'd read alllll about them. I wasn't sure if they were real. I thought perhaps people up north or out west had made them up. But there it was. So, I quickly explained to the Captain what it was and we went inside. It was amazing. More than I ever could have dreamed. Cheap, affordable GOOD food. Could it be true?

So, despite the crazy liquor laws in our fine state of Tennessee, Trader Joe's finally decided to bless us with their pressence. In Nashville of course. But people, we've been driving to Atlanta for groceries since last year! Nashville is NOT that far! The money you will save on groceries will more than cover the gas cost! And I'm willing to carpool.

My favorite things about Trader Joe's?

Laundry detergent, cheap Stevia, their kits (like guacamole and soup starters made from fresh veggies), cheap goat cheese, soy nuggets to die for, raw almond butter for $5.99/jar (instead of thirteen bucks), masala sauce from heaven, dairy free frozen enchiladas, raw nuts for less, short shelves, teas and coffees, coffees and teas, frozen wild fish, a variety of bread products, friendly and helpful staff, freeze dried fruits, ummm.... I could go on and on!

Our Trader Joe's seems to be even better than the one we visit in Atlanta! They have a superior produce section and a larger selection in general. Of course there is no two buck chuck (words I heard spoken by a cashier to another cashier as I walked by) but if you can over look that catastrophe, you'll be really pleased!

If you haven't been to Trader Joe's... go. Really. It's totally worth the drive (if we would drive three hours, you could drive for 30 minutes). And prepare to buy a LOT of stuff!


  1. how crowded was it when you went? we stopped in 30 minutes before closing on friday night and it was a madhouse. we picked up a few things and they gave us a free bouquet of flowers. hooray!

  2. I wanna go! Until reading this post i had no idea who Trader Joe was. Thanks for informing me! Love,charis

  3. OMG When I went on Friday during all the craziness.... I said.. "I should have brought my camera so I could blog about this!!" So I may have to just link to you! LOL
    My favorites.. Vegetable Samosas (went back for more) Chocolate croissants, Dried fruit, Challah bread... coffee, great cheeses (great price) greek yogurt...I could go on and on....

  4. Katie: It was insane. We went right after church and so did the whole city of Nashville. I so look forward to our next trip. That's pretty awesome that you got some free flowers. We got two free cloth bags because we'd left half of ours in another vehicle (and because we're cool).

    Charis: Anytime, dear!

    Wendy: I couldn't resist blogging about it. It's the most exciting thing to happen to my family in a long time... other than the whole baby thing! Feel free to link to me- always. Off to check out your blog!

  5. Oh my stars this store makes me happy. And right down from Whole Foods, too. Now THAT is a dangerous combination. A friend of mine went in there this weekend, though, and said that there were lots of empty shelves, so I may have to wait a while before venturing in amongst the thick crowds.

  6. I know, Corey, it's almost too much to handle huh? Yes a lot of the shelves were empty from the rush. They said it would all be filled back up two hours after we were there. We'd been starving to death (okay, exaggeration) for weeks so we didn't mind having to skip some of our favorites. I'm sure if EVERYTHING had been on the shelves, we would have spent $500... it was bad enough at $300. My friend told me that Sunday night there was no crowd. You might try then!

  7. Yes, Trader Joes is our best kept secret, and hands down what I missed most when I lived in NYC.
    Don't know what I'd do without it.
    Am only too happy to share, because goodness knows, when we finally manage to get our boys to the Grand Ole Opry, we are going to need to eat! :)
    Happy Birthday!


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