Saturday, October 18, 2008

Water Babies and Butts: Our Trip Part 1

While we were on vacation, I learned just how much my kids (and I even, apparently) love the water. With the lake, ocean, and swimming pools readily available, it was difficult to keep the little guys dry!
We enjoyed our first family canoe ride. Donut kept picking up lily pads! He-Man shows off his balancing skills.

Donut hanging out in the lake behind the house.

The North Beach at Fort De Soto Park was simply spectacular. He-Man and the Donut had a blast while experiencing the waves and collecting sea shells. We have so many that we'll be doing sea shell math and art for the next month at least!

The official pregnancy beach shot. 18 weeks and 3 days... and terrible hair!

Donut seems to be doing yoga regularly these days. Here she is doing downward dog on the shore. A girl after my own heart.

Our conclusion: figure out some way to move our entire family to Florida. Or Sweden of course. But honestly, I had an idea that the beach owned my soul but after sitting there for four hours (hence the terrible sun burn due to not thoroughly using the sun block that did actually work on places where it was applied) and watching the waves, the sea gulls, and the endless horizon, I felt close to God. So, I guess that the beach is my special spot. I don't know. I love learning about myself and discovering who I am and what I genuinely like... living authentically. What a great feeling.

He-Man proclaimed that he preferred the lake. Very interesting. Maybe because it wasn't as hot there. I found it to be stinky!

Daddy worked with the kids on swimming inside the pool at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

We stepped off of the bus at the Magic Kingdom on our last day in Florida, took one look around at the shoulder to shoulder crowd and said, "No." So we bribed the kids with another trip to Downtown Disney (and expensive gifts) and with this boat ride. He-Man loved it. The day was wonderful and relaxing... our best day there! We've managed to avoid the Magic Kingdom two trips in a row!

Oh and a few funny notes:
When we first arrived in Orlando, we hit up the outlet Disney store (which has changed and isn't as great as it used to be, sadly) and also ventured into the Children's Place. While I was scoping out a great outfit for the girl on the clearance racks, the kids seemingly witnessed an interesting display. Back in the car they both begin singing a quite catchy little ditty: "He's the guy. He spanks bottoms." After about five minutes of this I say, "Who? Who's the guy?" He-Man explains that it's the man at the store where I was looking for sister's clothes. Okay. So, I ask, "Who's bottom did he spank?" Apparently the guy spanked his little girl's bottom and, ahem, the mommy's bottom too. And the guy looked like a monkey. Later on He-Man and I saw an older man hit a kid for what seemed to be no good reason as the child was just walking and he was maybe two at the most. So, I looked at He-Man and I sang, "He's the guy. He spanks bottoms."

On the way home, Donut turned on her entertainment switch. For quite some time, the two kids played, laughed and sang together. "Itsy Bitsy Spider" became the song of choice. And before we knew it the song took on a whole new meaning. It seems that the itsy bitsy spider crawled up my butt and the butt of my honey (what Donut calls husbands). Shortly thereafter, the boy passed out and Donut continued to sing. And talk about butts. The butt discussion ended when we stopped to have dinner and she tried waking her brother up by yelling, over and over again, "Wake up Butt Boy." Amazing. Simply amazing.

Still to Come: Princesses and Boobs. Stay tuned. You don't want to miss this one.


  1. Can't wait to hear and see the rest of the trip :)

  2. The beach time looked like so much fun. I'm glad you guys were able to go!!

    I can't wait to read the next installment.

  3. sounds like an awesome vacation! i agree with you 100% about the connection to the ocean. when my family lived in california, we didn't go to the beach THAT much (we always had a swimming pool though, and i lived in it every single summer. i've always been a water baby!)
    as soon as we moved to landlocked TN, we all (my mom especially) felt the strong desire to see the ocean, at least once a year.

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  5. I am not a beach person, I hate the wind and the sand. I used to love to go in the morning, though, when everythng was quiet and foggy. I feel about 'the lake' the same way you feel about the beach.

    Princesses and boobs- can't wait to hear this.


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