Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This week has been hard for me. As birthdays and holidays quickly approach, I begin to miss my mommy so very much. It doesn't help that my children have been asking about her a lot lately. Tonight it is very important that I focus on what I do have and that I remember to feel grateful.

-I am thankful for the opportunity to reach out to and mentor some of our local high school students yesterday. The Express Yourself Creativity Conference took place at Patterson Park Community Center yesterday. Being a part of the conference was really important to me. I helped coordinate the event and I also presented a session about blogging to some of the students. It felt awesome to spend time around teens (and other adults for that matter)- an age group with whom I've not felt very connected as of late. I was also pretty excited to have Artsy Mamas listed on the back of the t-shirt as a local sponsor. That's not entirely true... I mean, I'm the only Artsy Mama who did any work for the conference. But it's still kinda neat that my "brand" name got recognition. Anyway, the conference was fun and I totally missed being with my kids all day but it was worth it!

-I'm thankful for the health of my children. We've had coughs and runny noses here for a month. Donut even had allergies that turned into a cold (clear runny nose turned green runny nose). Once I started giving them Colloidal Silver twice a day, the problems disappeared. Yeah, a bottle of that stuff is super expensive and we go through an entire thing during "cold and flu" season. But it's so totally worth it. Every year it has proven it's weight in... ready for it... silver. We've never dealt with a child having the flu (since we don't vaccinate there is no way in you know where that we're getting the flu shot. HA!) despite having a child in our home all day long with the flu. And neither of us adults has had the flu since we started using it regularly. So, while a big bottle might be fifty bucks, I'm learning over and over again how vital it is that we use the stuff regularly during this time of year so that we avoid having to spend money on symptom relief, or, worse, a doctor's visit. So YAY Colloidal Silver. I'm gonna use you every day you wonderful wonderful product!

-I would like to reiterate how thankful I am for my kids' health. Today I made plans to visit with my old friends the Schusters who have been dealing with infant leukemia for the past year. I'm sure I'll write about that on Monday. This morning my good friend's nephew passed away from cancer. He'd been dealing with the disease his entire life and now his battle is over. The Lord has been trying to show me over and over again today just how good we've got it. So, I recognize it and I'm thankful.

-Free Organic Pears (from my own backyard), yummy stuff on Manager's Special at Kroger, Christmas gift bargain for our niece, using some left over supplements to bless a friend, 80's sitcoms to tivo on WGN, a good nights rest, goat's milk fudge, 40% off coupons at Hobby Lobby, still fitting into my regular clothing at 21 weeks, people stepping up and volunteering to help out with Artsy Mamas (after I finally thought to pray about it... I know, I know), and a yummy dinner (bbq breaded tofu cutlets, mixed veggies, and baked sweet pototoes) and everyone's clean plates.


  1. You have a lot to be thankful for. And there's also a lot to be sad about.

    I guess that's how life is.

    BTW, congrats on being in the newspaper. That's awesome.

    {{{{hugs}}}}} for missing your mom.

  2. i love these blogs! they're so uplifting. i hope the holidays aren't too rough on you. hope all is well. love.

  3. Thanks Dina for the understanding, congrats, and hugs. All appreciated.

    Leanna... good! Glad that I can be of service!


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