Friday, October 3, 2008

Thankful Thursday, about an hour late

Today, I am thankful for the following:

We will be leaving for our vacation in a week. I so desperately need this break but I'm already stressing about how much school work to do while I'm gone. Naughty Mama.

Thanks for Chamomila homeopathic tablets and enforced time outs (due to the door knob reversal... YES!!), I've been able to really enjoy my daughter the last week or so. She is just simply nicer and easier going. This evening we enjoyed playing "beauty shop" where she used a comb to fix my hair while I kept my eyes closed and my hands crossed on my chest for probably about thirty minutes. The hands could not be moved and I couldn't open my eyes. Sorta made me wonder if she might be a mortician one day. But she was just so sweet saying things like, "You are going to be soooooo sweet with your hair." OH, and on Friday she said to me, "Mom, can you be quiet because my brother needs to ask hee's (how she says "his") dad a question?" and then, "Dad, my brother needs to ask you a question." Plus she's been saying things like, "You LOVE me. I'm your sweet princess." and "You are my sweetie pie", paired with a soft kiss on the cheek. Hence why I've decided that I might actually want a little girl a teeeeeensy bit more than I want a boy this time!

That the majority of the household seems to be feeling better from this funk we can't seem to shake. He-Man is now having nose bleeds but tonight I pray that I prevented another one by filling his nostrils with aloe gel and not turning on the air conditioner. Donut is almost totally over the cough that wouldn't leave and I'm finally not coughing constantly to the point where I might keel over dead. I think the Captain is feeling better too.

My husband who is willing to work two full-time jobs so that I can stay at home and homeschool our children. So many mothers would give anything to be in my position and I feel like a queen who has been given some type of huge treasure. I know that our money situation is scary but I believe that the Lord wants me at home and wants my children to be here with me. He will take care of our every need and I know this, with all of my heart.

A marriage that is not broken. Of course it is not perfect either but we have come so far in a year's time. A year ago we were on the road to divorce. I've alluded to this several times here. There were so many people praying for me and for my marriage. I felt them pulling me out of the dark hole into which I had fallen. I was reluctant. I didn't want to come back out. But boy am I so glad that I did. Look at what I would have been missing! God has done a number on me in the past 12 months and I feel more peaceful, more stable, more healed, and more secure than ever before in my entire life. And I'm not "taking" anything either. I'm strictly doing this by way of God's strength. Whenever I start to feel panicked about money or some other thing I can't control (like my relationship with my dad), I simply change my thoughts. I thank God for what I do have and alter my focus. It works.

Borrowed maternity clothing that actually fits! I purchased a few maternity items in a size large at a thrift store after I found out that I was pregnant ... fully expecting to need that size by now. When I was pregnant with Donut, I went straight into large maternity clothes, totally skipping the mediums I wore when first pregnant with He-Man. Well, they are still enormous on me. I have plenty of stretchy waist skirts and, actually, my regular jeans and denim skirt still fit too. But the stretchy waist of maternity clothing is sooooo nice and comfy. So, thanks Manda and Natalie for bringing over the maternity loot!!

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