Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Princesses and Boobs: Our Trip part 2

The Captain took Donut to her first "character meal" at Disney World. It was a special father/daughter experience (i.e. too expensive for everyone to go, I was too tired, and He-Man adamantly insisted that it was "for girls"). This character meal thing is totally not our style but a week or so before we left, Donut started saying that she wanted to see all of the Princesses (gag me with a spoon) and I was a little nervous. Those chicks are in high demand. What are the chances that we would just stumple upon a group of Disney Princesses? So, I started investigating character meals featuring a slew of sparkly costumed women in their perfect mid-twenties. Much to my dismay. A wise friend once told me that she wants her girls to grow up to be themselves, no matter what that looks like (even if it meant cheerleading which had become a reality for her). I'm not happy about this whole Princess thing. I don't like that my daughter has become obsessed with my lipstick or that she likes to talk about how pretty she is (though she gets that from me because I'm constantly saying, "She is soooooo pretty. Ack." to her dad) and I don't like that she thinks that girl colors are pink and purple. But it's okay. Seriously. I'll be alright and with any luck she'll learn to take just a tad bit more pride in her appearance than I do and never be described accurately as frumpy.

Now, without further ado. The Princesses. And their boobs.
Belle, Donut, and the Captain

Sleeping Beauty and Donut

Ariel and Donut

Jasmine, her cleavage, and my entranced daughter.

I always thought Snow White was scary too, sister.

Next installment: Art and Creative ventures... I never take a break from being the "Artsy Mama".


  1. oh my gosh, those pictures are classic. esp the snow white & jasmine ones!

    this reminds me of the time we met "barbie" at the mall (in california)...must find that picture!

  2. I totally feel for ya. We are in the same boat on princesses. I emphasize that I like Belle because she's so smart and reads books. Your friend is wise, but I would draw the line at cheerleading-lol.

    Comments from my kids looking at the pics:

    "Why is she scared of Snow White?"

    "Are there any of Hunter with Wall-e?"

    They totally missed the cleavage one- my sweet girls.

  3. Katie: Gotta see the Barbie pic.

    Manda: No, there are no pics of H with any Wall-E. There wasn't anything there but he was happy with Wall-E toys, whew.
    And it's funny that your girls missed the cleavage thing b/c Donut has been running around saying that everyone will like the picture of her looking at Jasmine's "boobies". Sigh.

  4. hahahaha..I love the title! Wow..I'M SO OUT OF THE LOOP ON READING BLOGS...sorry I've been off of here.

  5. hahahaha..I love the title! Wow..I'M SO OUT OF THE LOOP ON READING BLOGS...sorry I've been off of here.


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