Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday After Videos... and a rant

This morning I have chosen a video that pays tribute to the romantic fifth grader in me and the fact that I went on a rampage at 3:00 this morning because I learned that, yet again, the Eat to the Beat Concert at Epcot, which takes place during the International Wine and Food Festival (coincidentally, in my opinion, the coolest thing that Disney does all year long and it also happens to take place during October which is when we usually visit the hell hole.... er, I mean the mouse) has scheduled their coolest performers for when I'm NOT going to be there. So, I'm "planning" our trip this morning and decide to see what this site had in terms of information about the Food and Wine Festival and what did I see????? Right there, in plain print, it stated that Ex-frickin'-pose' would be performing during their concert series. Yep, that's right folks. "Season's Change" and "Point of No Return". I'm not kidding. These vixens are back and they are performing. At Disney World. A WEEK AFTER I LEAVE. Uh huh. I'm livid. I'm fed up. I mean, have you ever even heard of them since the early 90's? Maybe I've just not paid close enough attention. But it would mean so very much to me to hear them perform this song live.

This song was popular when I was in 5th grade. Back before cds. I had a blank tape (always had a blank tape) lined up and each time this tune came on the radio, I hit record. So, then I could listen to it over and over and over again. You know. Without rewinding? It's a GREAT song. Another Expose' related memory of mine: My mom always got me something special for Valentine's Day, Easter, etc. Nine times out of ten the something was music. One Valentine's Day I had asked for the cassette of "Point of No Return". I remember asking mom if I could just go ahead and have it early. She said that it was hidden and I'd never be able to find it. I have no idea what got into me because I was NOT a snoop or a cheat in any way, but for some reason I knew to look for that tape in her underwear drawer. So, I ran into Mama and Daddy's bedroom, opened the drawer, dug through it and there it was. She let me keep it. It's a good album. Still.

I wish that in a few weeks I would be reporting back to you about how I got to enjoy an Expose' concert. The next time a Disney trip is planned for me I will be sure to tell the planner in advance that Wilson Phillips, Tommy Page or Bananarama or whoever is performing at the Eat to the Beat Concert Series and I'm NOT going a week later or earlier. Darn it.


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