Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's on my feet?

Some people have been requesting photos of the rockin' slouch socks that I found at a yard sale on Friday. So, here they are in the package. Now, look a little more closely at the label. I think these are authentic slouch socks from the 80's or at least the 90's. What do you think?
And here are my feet, wearing them. Sorry, Charis, about the leg warmers. I'll have to save that for later. Maybe for my 80's birthday party. Surely you can come to that and see for yourself!!!!
And, today marks a very special day. As it is the day that I finally decided to trade in my 9 year old flip flops for new ones. You know, it's after labor day. There are clearance sales everywhere. So, after our home school field trip (stay tuned for details and pics), I dragged the offspring to Bink's on the Square and purchased my first pair of fancy schmancy flip flops. They aren't even black! And they were only $13.00!!


  1. Those are awesome... you have very pretty feet you know...*wink*

  2. They look very comfy! I get cheap flip flops every year and wear the heck out of them. I got my last ones on sale at Old Navy for $5 -they are men's! Maybe I should invest my $13 and get some good ones like yours........

  3. Jen-You kill me. I guess you can rub them down when I come over on Monday morning!

    Manda: Investing in 13 dollar flip flops that will last for years and be more comfy/attractive seems like a great idea. I mean, if you are spending $5 for one year's worth of use, you could easily justify it, right? ;)

  4. Yaaay!! I finally got to see the socks and the flip-flops and i like them. The colors of both are cool and should bring you lots of comfy enjoyment! I understand why you wouldn't wear the leg warmers just yet, it is much too warm for that. It just gives me something else to look forward to. Thanks for sharing, Mandy! If i find any good deals worth sharing i will keep you in mind. Love, charis


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