Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

For what am I thankful today?

1. Lately I have been feeling the baby kick and move around a lot. And thanks to a terrible nightmare that I lost the baby (or rather gave birth to it at 15 weeks in a driveway), I feel more than certain that I am attaching properly to this life inside of me (because I woke up really really upset). So, in general, I'm thankful for the new person who will be joining the Jones family in 22-24 weeks (or so).

2. "Homeschool" is going really really well in general. And I've given myself a lot of breaks and I'm not pressuring myself too much. I feel relaxed and in control of the progress we are making. Oh, and I came up with a name for our "school" (for until the kids are old enough to name it themselves... maybe they will like it): Follow Your Bliss Joneschool Conservatory.

3. I've spoken with the people at Greenhouse Ministries and they welcome Artsy Mamas to start up a regular outreach program with their clientele. That is the answer to a ton of prayers and a total load off. Now I know where our outreach program is going and I see a very specific goal ahead of me. Whew!

4. Lots of visiting with friends. I've seen or hung out with people nearly every day for the past two weeks it seems. When I'm so busy being around people I like, I find it very difficult to be depressed. And thanks to Amanda for hosting the first "crunchy moms" meeting (name to be changed and officially announced at a later date). I ate and ate. Then I ate some more. Homemade bread, tuna salad, homemade soup, salad... it was perfection.

5. "Newhart" dvds. My mother-in-law let me borrow the first season and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The theme song makes me weepy and the humor is impecible. Love you Bob!!


  1. i still miss the kicking sometimes. though he's much better at it now that he's out of me.

  2. i loved that feeling too, when I was pregnant. congrats girl!


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