Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. The Captain secured a deal at the new job and will be earning a pay check next month.

2. Our midwife decision was easy and is complete. What a load off.

3. I am making new friends and my husband gets along well with their husbands. Now that is a first!

4. I was able to bring our sweet niece home with me this evening. She is great with the kiddos and just having her here is such a help to me.

5. There are several opportunities being presented to me for outreach within Artsy Mamas. Can't wait to see where these things take us!

For what are you thankful?


  1. I'm thankful for therapy, you, Angel, my kids, Emily, Carrie, Kenny, and anyone I've missed. (and no neccessarily in that order)'s late..goodnight.

  2. I'm thankful for friends I can share maternity clothes with, and homeschool activities ;)

    And who don't think I'm crazy when I won't let my kids eat their microwave popcorn or hydrogenated peanut butter.

  3. Geez, Manda, what am I going to feed the kids for snack this afternoon? I had a great big bag of microwave popcorn and some Jiffy peanut butter ready to make some sort of sugary balls. I better reevaluate.

  4. Oh, and I'm thankful for friends who share their maternity clothes. Tee hee. Those shorts fit, just like you said they would.

  5. Oh I thought of more during the night..LOLOLOL

    Shea, Dusty, Mom, Bob, Adam, Kate, Dad, Susan, Cousins, Aunt Glenda, Deanne, Debbie and other Aunt Glenda, Uncle Mark, Michael, Carl and Danny, Mommom and Poppop, Grammy and Grandpa, Uncle Brad (sometimes) and my Church Family. All my friends on facebook and myspace and everyone that I have ever said "Hi My name is Jen to"

    YAY..I'M SO AWESOME. And I think I pretty much have full blown ADHD now.

  6. This is too funny..and so drawn out!! I can't wait for next week!

    I'm also thankful for Doctor's, Kenny's family, Salads, Coca-Cola, and Excedrin.

    OH MY GOSH..what is wrong with me..I just can't hold back.

  7. Glad you are feeling grateful, Jen!

  8. And this week...I hate everything.



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