Sunday, September 21, 2008

Small gifts

One of the things I've been doing during this pregnancy (to try and ward off the "blues") is giving myself small gifts. Since there is very little extra money and I have no time away from the kiddos, I have to be creative. Sometimes it might be fixing a cup of tea and watching an episode of one of my favorite tv shows. Or maybe it's opening the windows in the house and letting the nice air breeze through. It could be something as simple as sitting up instead of laying down when I'm reading in bed... you know, so that I will actually read instead of falling asleep?

But the past two days (I skipped today because I knew there would be a mid day nap... another gift) I gave myself this:
A made bed. Typically, I don't make my bed. It's just too much work, or so I tell myself. But seriously, making my bed and opening the blinds is just such a wonderful way to help me feel better throughout the day. Whenever I walk into my bedroom, with all of its matching decor, my heart sings a little and I'm excited to see that I finally accomplished one of my long-term goals... at least in one room: Decor of which I can be proud.

On a side note, I keep my favorite picture of my mom on the desk next to my bed. Every night I see it and I remember that once, she was beautiful and lovely on the inside and out. I like to remember her that way.What are some of the little things that you do for yourself? The small gifts?


  1. I love the picture of your mom. You look so much like her!!

  2. I agree with Dina...and I'm glad you're doing this sort of thing. You deserve it.

    mmm..that bedroom looks so relaxing!!! HOW BEAUTIFUL!

    I give myself small gifts of watching shoes that only I connect with..LOL But, I need to start doing more meaningful and productive things alone in my time..unlike TV.

  3. That is very sweet. Your bedroom is wonderful! I seldom make the bed--why bother when my husband sleeps at random hours and we have a ripped old comforter on the bed (very good at buying the family clothes, bad at buying the family bedding and household items) so why bother.

    The photo is a sweet idea.

  4. btw...I watch "shows" not "shoes". LOL

  5. Dina: Thank you! She was quite stunning, don'tcha think?

    Heather: Bedding is a luxury I don't mind splurging on!!

    Jen: Oh, wow, I was going to say I enjoyed watching socks!

  6. Try 15 minutes or so of yoga in the back yard. alone. love it.

  7. I love a made bed! And your bedroom is beautiful. do you have any suggestions about tea for me, i would like to start drinking it, have no idea what to drink, of course something for stress is always appropriate for me:)

  8. Lydia,
    I always have tea suggestions.

    For calming:
    Tension Tamer by Celestial Seasons (get it at Walmart even)
    Calming by Yogi Teas
    Valerian (in the white boxes at the health food store)
    Chammomile (although I never liked it)
    and if you head to the health food store, you may as well pick up some rescue remedy too! that is what got me through my mom's death and the home birth!

    Feel free to call me if you want to chat more. I have a few tea bag samples I could get for you. Wanna meet for a play date or something soon?


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