Sunday, September 7, 2008

Slice of Life Sunday

Typically I don't usually need"memes" to spark my creativity when it comes to my blog entry ideas. Not that I thought there was anything wrong with that (a la "Seinfeld") but I just preferred to sculpt my own ideas. However, I'm too tired and too pregnant to create anything but another life these days so I'm relying upon memes to help keep this blog alive!

Today's "Slice of Life Sunday" offered up three options for writing ideas. And since I had been wanting to write about my engagement for a while now, #2, An Engaging Proposition, was quite appropriate.

I became engaged on Saturday, August 24, 2002. It was, by far, one of the very best days of my life. I already knew that by the end of the night, I'd be officially planning a wedding because I'd hassled the snot out of the Captain for details on when, exactly, he'd be popping the question. I know, I know. Took all of the fun and suspense out of it. But it didn't erase any of the joy from the experience.

That morning I was instructed to wear whatever I wanted but to bring my fancy, newly bought dress and accessories with me. He picked me up rather early and drove me to Nashville to enjoy an entire day at the spa. And I mean from 8:00 until 4:00, I was pampered like a princess. I enjoyed my first facial, massage, mani, pedi, and steam shower. The steam shower was not exactly something that I enjoyed. I had my hair cut, colored and styled and my makeup proprofessionally done. I felt soooo amazing by the end of the day. Eventually, I hope to enjoy a day like that again (hint hint, nudge nudge).

When he picked me up, I was more dressed up than I had ever been before in my life and sadly more than I would ever be again (including on my wedding day). He then drove me to Sears (ahem, he's learned a few things since then) to have our engagement photos made... even though I didn't have the ring yet. But that's okay... he did his best! Then we headed to the Melting Pot for a wonderful meal. I got slightly tipsy on champagne (best ever) and so when they brought a rose and the ring out with our dessert, I had just about lost it. So, if my memory serves me correctly, he looked at me and then said, "You know I love you right? And I want you to be my wife." He claims that he was so nervous that he forgot all about the whole getting on one knee and putting the ring on my finger. It fit perfectly, even though the ring makers didn't believe that I actually wore a 4.25 size ring and they questioned him! It was simply the most gorgeous ring I'd ever seen. He'd designed it himself. All I told him was no gold and that there were a couple of cuts I preferred. The rest was up to him. Platinum with sapphires on either side of the diamond (which represent my two blue eyed kids because the rest of them will have brown eyes like me).

After our dinner we went to Zanies and saw Lewis Black in concert. It really was a perfect day and I was super impressed by how well he knew me and to what lengths he went to make me feel special. That day was incredibly indicative of how hard he would work for the rest of his life to make me happy.

Stay tuned for the wedding story!


  1. Hey! WE both have marquis cut diamons with saphires on the weird!!!

    What a sweet story..I love engagement time!

  2. oh weird. I'll have to look at yours today.

  3. awwww.....I also told Shawn "no gold" for my ring. :o)
    It's 3 diamonds with 2 hearts on the outside and on the front and back holding up the stones, it says " I <3 U ". sterling silver.

  4. Awe..I forgot to show you my ring! Oh well...come back to my house and we'll have to do it again! LOL

    It's a ring date!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day. And a beautiful ring!Great beginning for your new life.

  6. That is the most romantic engagement story I've ever read! I'm forwarding it to my hubby to teach him a thing or kiddin' ;)

  7. Yay! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to stories of the wedding day.

  8. aww, that is so happy. that picture is insane! i barely recognized you.


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