Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pregnancy Update: 17 Weeks and a midwife appointment

Yesterday, I took a drive to Franklin for my initial midwife appointment. There was a lot of paperwork and boring stuff like that. I learned that I weigh at least two pounds less now, at 17 weeks pregnant, than I've weighed since I became a mom. While I felt terrible for at least three months at the beginning of this pregnancy, I never actually got sick or anything. I can't imagine what has warranted such dramatic weight loss. In the last two pregnancies, by this point in time, I'd have gained at least 10-15 pounds I think. So, while I'm not really complaining, I'm rather perplexed... and slightly thankful. I have a head start at getting back into my regular clothes after baby number three gets here.

The baby's heart rate was in the 140's, my blood pressure was great, and everything else seemed okay... other than the fact that I'd taken sage once in the past week in hopes of clearing up my chest congestion and apparently sage can induce labor. Ooops. I won't be doing that again. Oh, and it seems that green tea can prevent folic acid absorption so, while I don't drink it often, I'll simply brew some other type of tea if I have a tea craving.

The maternity clothing that I bought a few weeks ago is ginormous on me so I've resorted to just wearing my stretchy things. I have a feeling that I may actually not even wear maternity clothes for this pregnancy. Or at least not until the end when I can fit into those pants!

I'm craving sushi. A repeat of the white fish and onion sushi from up the road (how lucky that even though I live out in the boondocks, there happens to be an incredible sushi place less than five minutes from my house) would be nice. The Captain offered to go get it for me. But I just let him make me a scallop quesadilla with rice cheese. It was fantastic! Oh, and I want real cheese. You should have seen me scoping out the fancy cheese at Kroger. I didn't buy any but boy I wanted to!

I feel the baby move around. A lot. It's quite wild in there! This is the first time I've ever had the thoughts of,"I can't wait to meet this little person." We will have an ultrasound on October 21st and we'll find out whether we will be adding little sister (Evena Katana) or little brother (Blade Amadeus) to our family. Donut said last night, in the character of someone else during her "Mary Show" (don't ask) that "We don't want a BOY. We want a SISTER." Geesh. I'm cool either way. Both of the names rock!


  1. I love feeling the baby move. I think it's one of the best experiences.

    My sister is pregnant with her first baby. This is sad but I don't know what week she's in. I feel like an awful sister for not keeping track.

    Anyway, she feels little flutters now. It's that point where you don't know if it's the baby or gas.

  2. I lost weight when I was pregnant. My first trimester I lost eight pounds and only gained 3 pounds my second trimester. I made up for it in the end with water weight and 10lb 14oz newborn boy with rock solid APGAR scores.

    At my checkup one week later, I was 10 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight. I was just losing weight while he was gaining. I wonder if he boosted my metabolism. He was a busy bee in my bonnet, too.

  3. "It means no worries for the rest of you days......" lol

    I'm just teasing you, I love both names!!

    Too bad you can't do appts on Sat mornings so we can go to the Franklin Farmer's Market together! I guess we could do it anyway....

  4. Dina, Your sister is probably between 14-16 weeks if she is feeling flutters and it's her first. And you aren't a bad sister for not knowing. I regularly refer to my myspace lilypie ticker to remind me how far along I am!

    Deborah Lee, Thanks so much for the encouragement. If I could be below my prepregnancy weight as soon as this baby comes out that would be fantastic. Having to lose weight is a really really annoying chore for me!

    Manda, Duh, of course we can go. What about the week after I get back from visiting the Mouse?

  5. Well, I'm cheap! I have to combine trips especially to Franklin! I could justifiy it by hitting Whole Foods and Costco, though. It'd be nice to go without kids. The Market gets crowded!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I have been soooo out of the loop. I am so happy for you. Midwives are illegal in Alabama. Can you believe that? It really makes me ill. I am so thankful for this news of celebration.


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