Sunday, September 28, 2008

Homeschool Week Recap: Letter B, Number 1

This past week has been even better than last week. I think I'm getting the hang of things and the kids are also getting used to the idea of structured activity. Also, the Captain reversed the door knob to Donut's room and so when she is throwing one of her grade A certified holy terror tantrums, I can lock her into her room until she's calmed down instead of trying to keep her from beating and breaking everyone and everything in sight. In general, I feel calmer and less like the girl is the ruler of our kingdom now (while last week ended with me having a break down in my bedroom that was initiated by my son... "Mom, I know you must be so tired. Go ahead and sit in your room for a while. You need to rest." Wow.).

The kids enjoyed computer games, puzzles, worksheets, books, singing letter B-related songs, listening to "B" music (which, of course, involved the B-52s), trips to the bookstore and craft store, playing hide the letter B, dancing, free play, time outside, riding bikes, playing ball, picking apples from our trees and baking apple crisp, and eating bean burritos. And this week I started Bible lessons out of this book, which I'm not crazy about but I already had it so... ya know?

There were a few activities that I think are worth sharing in detail with my readers.

First of all, I found this math lesson online and I must say that it was a wonderful wonderful addition to our curriculum. Basically, you take an egg carton and cut off the last two egg spaces (and the top too) or, if you are studying past the number ten, you can leave them. Then you label the inside of each space with numbers 1-10. Offer your child small objects (we used popcorn kernels and raisins) and have them count out the amount of the object that matches each number. Not only is this a great math/counting tool, but it helps with fine motor skills which is something we've been struggling with. Speaking of... I'd love feedback/advice on activities I can use to help improve He-Man's confidence in writing and cutting. He simply seems to feel as if he's a failure at least in the cutting area.... and he's not too sure about writing either.We also made "beautiful bookmarks" with bumble bee thumb prints. Well, He-Man and I did. While Donut had a fit.
Another activity that we worked on for the benefit of improving fine motor skills and for math purposes was sorting beans. This activity grew tiresome pretty quickly though and I think we'll save our beans for a bean mosaic.

This week we also took a few field trips to the Center for the Arts for their Starving for Art series (brown bag lunch, enjoy fellowship with the community, check out their latest art work, and, in this case, watch a few people, including myself, make morons of themselves while "acting out" a story and instead of listening to a book being read, jet off to the bathroom and have an all-out fight with a little girl who refuses to let you wipe her poopy bottom and also won't put on her clothing), the Campfire Concert featuring our very good friend Ms Cindy, Smores, and special time with our girl friends (the Donut and I went without the boys and I must say that she was so much fun to hang around during "girl time"), and Reading Rally at the Library.

Here is He-Man posing in front of one of our favorite paintings from the current art display at Center for the Arts and that gentleman is the artist!

And here I am showing the kids that the characters don't bite (in preparation for our trip to Disney) with Max from "Max and Ruby" at the Reading Rally.

The children enjoyed making more bookmarks at the Reading Rally. I was so impressed with the patience of the volunteers. The girl who was helping Donut was so sweet. I wanted to bring her home with us!
A few side notes:

We ordered this book on ebay after I looked at it over at Manda's house. I'm excited and I feel that this book will be a very easy, simple way for me to teach the kiddos phonics without going all out. The reviews just go on and on about it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm really impressed with this product. I cannot believe how much it made. Easily, I could have fed six people with the amount it produced. And it's vegan. And it was really good (the Captain really liked it). I used mushrooms, spices, sesame oil, and Bragg's Liquid Aminos to create the "Asian" version of the soup and, quite frankly, for a dehydrated soup, it was fantastic. I will be buying it again! As a matter of fact, I should probably head to Kroger and buy a few more while there are still some on the shelves.

Yesterday the Captain and I actually made it to a movie. Without the kids. We saw Fireproof. And we loved it. And I loved Kirk. He's super awesome. More awesome now than he was 20 years ago. Don't you agree? But seriously, I was thrilled to be seeing a movie that talked about Jesus, that address hard topics like the magnitude of divorce, the importance of having God in your life in order to save your marriage, the pornography epidemic, emotional affairs, and how love is not about a feeling, it's about a decision. Please go see it. And tell your friends to see it. Especially if their marriage is in trouble. I'm so thankful that my marriage made it through the fire and now I feel it is "fireproof" but not so long ago, I was right where these people in this movie were and boy, let me tell you, it was God and only God who pulled me out.

Oh, and on a lighter note: Tomorrow I have my first prenatal appointment with my midwives. Weeeee!! I also have a husband who is taking the afternoon off from his day job and working on homeschool while I have an afternoon to myself in Franklin!!!!!!!! SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I found your site by accident. Thanks for the math idea. I totally want to use it on my 3 1/2 year old. He is begging me to learn!


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