Friday, September 5, 2008

He-Man's first Pre-K Homeschool field trip (as promised)

I must say that I felt a little emotional putting the kids in the car for their very first "official" home school field trip. I mean, He-Man is officially 4.5 (or he will be next week) and he is "unofficially enrolled" in home school (meaning that I haven't picked an umbrella school or anything because I don't have to do that until he is six). He was so excited that we were going to "see the Bees"-which reminded me of when I was a teen and was always talking about seeing the B-52's (when there was still an apostrophe) and mama and I called them the B's.
Basically we drove to Readyville to visit the home of a fellow home schooler. Her husband keeps bees and so he spoke at great length about bee keeping and the different types of honey. It was extremely interesting. He-Man was not too interested in hearing him talk but I was SOOOO excited once we made our way up the hill to see the actual bees. My kids have shown great fear of things like insects and dogs. After He-Man's experience with being stung by a wasp inside of our van while driving down the road a few weeks ago, I imagined that he was stand back and act fearful of the little guys. But nope. We did have to avoid the chained dog but when the bees were brought out, He-Man was the first in line to get a peak. He kept inching his way closer and closer. Actually, he seemed more anxious to see those bees than any other child. I was so proud in my heart and I couldn't wait to brag to his daddy... the child has gained a bit of a reputation of being a pansy around here. Unfortuanately we had to leave early because I just don't survive the heat too well these days. All in all, I deem this home school field trip to be a success. Yesterday we attended a Kindergarden play group at the park! I'm really enjoying this whole home school thing! Oh, oh, oh!! I learned that the Farm has an umbrella school so maybe I won't feel obliged to home school or unschool (whatever we do) off the record after all. Weeeee!!

On a related side note, we are considering putting the Donut into a Mother's Day Out program at our church. In a way this breaks my heart into a million pieces but I know it would be good for her. Of course now she claims that she doesn't want to attend school but when we went to look around and talk to the director yesterday, she didn't want to come home. I'm pretty sure she'd be fine. We need to decide today because the first full day was actually yesterday. I will need to buy her a backpack and a bigger lunch box. And a rest mat. Sniff.

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  1. aw, they are growing so nicely. your kids are precious. it's strange to think i'm approaching these days more rapidly than i can imagine. i do plan to homeschool too, though. looks like it is doing your kids well. :)


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