Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday Afternoon Videos

I didn't exactly grow up in the most "cultured" manner. Classical music was just something that guy Frasier on "Cheers" listened to. Then I entered junior high and took my very first music class. We were expected to watch what I assumed would be an incredibly dull movie called AMADEUS. However, once we were through the first hour or so (it's a very long movie) I admitted to myself that a movie about some classical music composer might actually have become, well, my favorite movie. Shortly after we viewed this movie, we took a field trip to "the big city of Nashville" and heard the Nashville symphony play music by Mozart for an extended period of time. This day in late October, 1991 (the same month during which the "MAGS" encounter occurred) was life changing for me. It was the day I became a vegetarian. I can't help but wonder if sitting in that auditorium, genuinely experiencing joy from listening to priggish music helped me realize that I was more, somehow better than I had been taught to believe. From that day forward, I was in the midst of a full-fledged love affair with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And this song has always made me smile, not only because I love Wolfy, but because it's a rockin' German tune from the 80's.
It is the man and this song that has caused me to choose Amadeus as the middle name for this little baby, should this baby turn out to be a boy of course.

Rock me, Falco.


  1. YESSSSSSSSSS way to keep the party going sister.

    love you. lets do that coffee date soon????

  2. aw, this reminds me of a dear friend of mine every single time i hear it.


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