Thursday, September 18, 2008

First week of homeschool almost complete (and a few other updates)!

I just had to share the ups and downs of our first homeschool week so far. Of course, we've been homeschooling every day since the kids were born but this week I intentionally added more structure into our days (in order to avoid the conflicts and meltdowns). We've been interrupted by visits and phone calls with potential doulas and midwives so the week has been a bit hairy as a result. But overall, I've felt pretty good with how well we've all done.

This week was the Letter A, Number 0, Color Red. The kids both know their colors so I just threw that in there so that we'd have an excuse to use the color worksheets! We've had vocabulary words like almond, applesauce, Avery, Addy (a couple of their friends), ant, alligator, and special "A" music like Army of Lovers (give me a break, they are too young to understand the sacreligion in this song but they love the beat... and for the record, we were listening to the cd and not watching this horendous video), ABBA, and Adam and the Couch Potatoes. I used the easel paper to draw a huge letter "A" and then let the kids paint it, which they seemed to love. We also did three special "A" related songs that the kids are now requesting we sing at random (those Five Little Monkeys have been eaten my Mr. Alligator several times this week)! Monday we ate applesauce and almond butter sandwiches with ants (raisins) for lunch. We did several workbook pages and stopped when He-Man was ready. The Donut had color sheets to complete while brother and I worked.

This week has also been filled with visiting with friends, meeting new people, puzzles, a nice trip to the library where we signed up for the fall story time, dissolving those capsules with sponges in warm water (ick), reading aloud our first chapter book (sniff), lots of outside playing (thank you wonderful weather), fresh pear juice from the fruit in our yard, and games of Disney BINGO! I see so vividly now how any structured activity (or not) enriches their lives. Everything we do is a learning experience!

On a side note, we have finally decided upon a homebirth midwife. Or midwives as the case may be! We have chosen to hire Daphne McIntosh and Mary Anne Richardson at Tender Beginnings to help deliver our little one. They were open to the idea of my having a water birth on my back porch and they are very big on nutrition, herbs, etc. I feel confident in our decision! I'm also excited that I HAVE to drive to Franklin at least once a month throughout the fall/winter. Franklin is a happy place to me. Maybe I can see my dear friend Carolyn more often when I'm there and I can already imagine the walks around the down town area and stopping into little shops for things like pumpkin butter or homemade soaps. My heart is singing just at the thought of it!

Thankful Thursday to come. Our afternoon will be filled with a lunch with daddy, a meeting at church, and then probably dropping by the Discovery Center for some art at the creation station (and of course a few trips down the slide).

Oh, and check this out. Yes, I'm still ticked at Disney but this is still really cool. In a few years, I want to make plans to go. What a fun and wonderful adventure!


  1. I'm glad your first homeschooling week is going well!!

    I'm so happy you found midwives!! I think homebirths are awesome : )

  2. yay! You are my motivation to stick it out if we get the "Go" to start homeschool. We really want to ..but maybe down the road some. I dont know yet! GOOD JOB!

  3. P.S. Oh yeah..whenever ABBA is involved in school...I'm all for it!!!

  4. What a first week of school! And you still have another day to go. Wow! Ain't homeschooling great? I know that is not grammatically correct-just for the record, i do NOT talk like that when teaching-but ain't it great?! By the way, we went to the Discovery Center today and LOVED the new exhibit-what a blast!! I'll have to post those pix later. Thanks for sharing your first week with us. Love,charis

  5. Dina: I pray that in March, I'll think that homebirth is great, even for me! After my last experience, I was a little scared to try it again.

    Jen: I didn't know you were considering homeschool. Girl, I'm here for you if you need support or when you need support. xxoo

    Charis: Awww, thank you. That means a ton coming from you, a seasoned homeschooler! Seriously, thanks! We didn't stay long at the DC today b/c we were heading to see the grandparents. But we did make a mud house (pics to come)! And I like the word ain't also. I think it's just perfect sometimes. Of course, I would with my hick raisin'. Love you.

  6. Mandy, congrats x2! I'm proud of your homeschooling! Sounds like you AND the kids had fun- that's the way to do it! Can't wait to hear about the midwives.

    See you today!

  7. Thanks so much Manda!! I can't wait to see you this afternoon so that I can tell you about the midwives! xxoo

  8. Where do you get your homeschool material and is it expensive? I am considering homeschooling Anya, but also fearful because last year I had the 7 brain surgeries and if that happens again, she'd be left without a teacher. And also, I am still trying to get disability. They see homeschooling as "the ability to work". So, what is yuor opinion? Do I keep letting the public school system feed my child this liberal crap or do I step out in faith?


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