Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Raising Kids Outside of the Box: Volume 1

Welcome to the first installment of my column.
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A friend of mine has just learned that her children are all allergic... and to different things. I cannot even imagine how difficult this must be for her and her family but I know that she's a great mom and she'll do whatever it takes to overcome this challenge and help her children to be healthy. One of her obstacles is in baking. She is having to figure out how to bake without certain types of oil and she asked me for some feedback on the situation.

I can personally vouch for grape seed oil. I've only, however, used it for stovetop cooking, like in a sautee. What I like about grape seed oil is that it has a higher burning point so you can cook with it without altering it's chemical composition, therefore our bodies will recognize it and we won't become toxic as a result of eating it. According to Martha Stewart's site, you can bake with grape seed oil! Yay!

This site has wonderful things to say about cooking with avocado oil, which seemingly has an even higher burning point than grape seed oil. How do you like that? I will be going out and buying some of this myself! I've really only ever noticed it as a moisturizer sitting next to the jojoba oil that I buy for my face.

And it looks like Palm oil is a decent alternative to coconut oil and other cooking oils as well. Again, I've never personally used it but now I've forced myself to do the research. I may start purchasing a variety of oils in the future.

There are plenty of other cooking oils besides these three. I found this really cool site that lists every cooking oil imaginable and then describes their properties and qualities.

Of course, you could also experiment with alternatives to oil such as baking with applesauce, banana, or even canned pumpkin.

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