Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pregnancy Update 3: The 10 Week Ultrasound

I've written quite a bit about how worried and stressed I was about this pregnancy. My midwife called for an ultrasound due to my unsureness surrounding how far along I was and how concerned I was feeling. So, Wednesday, the entire family drove back to the "big city of Nashville" to take a peek at little brother or little sister. Before the ultrasound, we treated ourselves to the cheapest healthy food we could find... Calypso Cafe. Since our's closed for an unknown reason, I was thrilled to have an opportunity to dine at one of my favorite eateries. I loved eating their salad, their callaloo martinique, their sweet potatoes, and their black beans, hold the sour cream. A totally delicious and vegan meal. And the kids were PERFECT while we ate, making it very well the smoothest meal in a restaurant we've experienced with both of them. So, I was relaxed and in a good mood when we went in for the scan. I'm not a big fan of things like ultrasounds. But I must admit that I was thankful to be able to find out, for sure, if things looked okay for my baby. As a side note, the Vandy Women's Imaging Center was gorgeous. The decor was funky and colorful. I felt like I was in some fancy schmancy hotel! Anyway, the Donut was very confused. She thought that we were going to this building and we would leave with a baby. However, after we explained what was going on with the camera device that was taking pictures of the inside of mommy, she grasped the concept that the baby is inside of mommy. He-Man was amazing throughout the whole ordeal. I had to put on a gown and to lay down, of course, and he had to stand next to me, on a stool. He held my hand with one of his and stroked my arm with the other. He kept telling me, "It's going to be okay, baby." My son is an incredible care-giver and I can imagine him being a Hospice nurse or something when he grows up. He just cares so much and he takes such good care of others. My heart was incredibly proud. I am pretty sure that he's the one I want by my side during my labor! That's the kind of support a mama needs! Anyway, the scan, though painful, went well. The pictures of the baby at ten weeks were remarkable. I discovered that I was three days further along than the "calculator" predicted. The baby was moving around hysterically. Another active little being. The whole thing feels much more real now. I'm trying to convince the Capt'n to let this be the only ultrasound we get. I hope that he's goes with that because I'd love to be surprised by the gender and I'd rather not shoot more radiation into my body if it can be avoided.

Another noteworthy pregnancy related item is that we are considering hiring a doula (especially since a very wonderful and generous friend has offered to make that her baby gift to us). I interviewed one of my doula friends the other day and we're most likely going to go with her. I'm very excited and comforted by this opportunity to add yet another tool of my list of weapons against an awful labor, delivery, and post partum period!
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  1. yay wittle baby! i'm very glad to hear you have a good report of the vandy women's imaging center. i have to go there soon for the pelvic exam and i hate going places i've never been. but my doc says they're the best, and she works for baptist so i feel confident there. i'm glad you had a good experience!

  2. Awe!! We went there when we found out what sex Jenson was! AWE THE MEMORIES!!

    yay! Little Miracle Baby. What a precious picture! I think it looks like you! LOLOL

  3. YAY for finding a doula! I have thought a lot about you since we chatted online. I am also glad to hear you were able to enjoy Calypso's! I am an avid fan! So glad to hear baby is good! Yay for a great day?!


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