Saturday, July 19, 2008

A week in Review: Arts, Networking, and more Arts

I've been so distracted this week with the idea of the NEW ADDITION that I've sorta forgotten to really blog. I guess I'll try and sum up the week here with a few pictures!
Last Saturday the kids and I attended Uncle Dave Macon Days for music, face painting, two dollar art and running into good friends. Let's not forget the losing of the pants as well.

The heat was unbearable (now I know why it was so difficult for me!) and so we came home and did exactly what I said we should do on the way to the car... made smoothie and curled up onto the couch to watch "Roseanne" and cuddle. What a great way to waste away an afternoon with the kiddos.

Monday the kids and I met the Hunter family for play and art time at the Discovery Center! The kids painted, I experimented with pastels, and we stuck around for Art Attack where all of the children created their own fossils (that even have a wire on the back for hanging). I was impressed with the art experiences they had to offer our children and I will be taking mine back.

Yesterday we headed off to the "Big City" (as He-Man called it) of Nashville for a very long long long day. Basically we started the day off by meeting with Mitch from StudioNashVegas who is going to redo our website for free (or in exchange for sponsorship, a donation receipt, and good karma). We met at Bongo Java and talked about all sorts of things in addition to websites and seemingly, he is the tech geek that I've been wanting to meet. Looks like we might be able to easily cook up some internet nonsense rather easily.

After that we were off to NewsChannel 5 for a taping of "Nashville Edge". If you are in the Nashville area and you have something cool, hip, or interesting to promote, drop these guys a note. And tell them that the Artsy Mama sent you. On a side note, the taping went well. I'm pretty sure that I didn't have a bobble head issue like I did during my last appearance on Channel 5. What I did have was a four year old next to me. He didn't interrupt and he didn't stand up. He did squirm a lot and he kept looking at the monitors, the set, the cameras, etc. I can't wait to see it!

Finally, we headed to Blackstone Brewery for a meeting with Yvonne Smith, aka "The Traveling Vegetarian". Really, we were taking her some of our chocolates. But I was excited to meet with her in general to learn more about her show and how she has created that reality. It was a great meeting. She and her husband loved Ridiculous Chocolate (and they gave us some priceless contacts for our next phase as "cocoa crack dealers") and I enjoyed chatting with her about health and the issues we face, particularly as Americans (particularly as Nashvillians). Even if you are not a vegetarian, check out her blog and keep checking it out! I have a feeling one day I'll say, "I knew her when".
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  1. Wow girl you are entirely to busy for me!!!


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