Thursday, July 3, 2008

We made a pie!

Tuesday I was in a food mood. This means that for lunch, despite the fact that there were five children in my house, I cooked a full-fledged meal complete with orange sauce fried garden herb tempeh, hand mashed farmer's market red potatoes (with Earth Balance, of course) and warmed Cascadian Farms green peas. L turned up his nose at it, but all three members of my family thanked me for the delicious lunch, including the Captain! As if the lunch was not enough, towards the afternoon, I decided that it was time to make a pie. I had a left over aluminum pie pan from the Garden Party and a box of Dr. Oetker's chocolate pudding mix. Even though the Captain had tried the Butterscotch mix a while back and all it was good for was a (tasty) flavoring for chocolate/coffee frozen drinks, I was convinced that I could have better luck. So, with a little bit of faith, I set about boiling some Rice Dream with the chocolate pudding mix in a sauce pan. Much to my surprise, it actually started to thicken. Excitedly, I brainstormed a quick and easy crust and came up with ground raw almonds, melted Earth Balance (no, they don't pay me), vanilla, and raw sugar. Heavenly. I froze the crust then poured the now thick pudding in on top. After letting it harden in the freezer for a little while, I pulled it out and let He-Man help me top it with cut strawberries and chocolate chips.

It turned out really well! We have all enjoyed it and the whole thing was super easy. What a fun, delicious, easy vegan summer time recipe!
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  1. Girl sounds like I so need to come visit you!! Somewhere around eating time!!! LOL

    Looks yummee!

  2. Sounds wonderful!!!!! I can't wait for you to teach me!!


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