Friday, July 11, 2008

My Vision For Artsy Mamas

The things that I see or have seen for this organization have started to manifest and I couldn't be more thrilled.

I have both of my feet in the door at my church. There is going to be an Artsy Mamas table at an upcoming ministry event that North Boulevard is hosting... and the attendees are the exact people to whom I want to reach out. I have a dialog going with another person there who can point me in the right direction for some of my other ideas. That is all falling into place.

We now have a Nashville area coordinator and she is a Christian who upholds the same values as I do... another prayer answered.

Our efforts to team up with the Center for the Arts has paid off and it appears that our first really big workshop series effort is going to be a success. Plus we have serious art workshops for mothers lined up for the fall!

Next Friday I'll be taping another local tv show where I'll be able to talk about the new things that are going on with the organization.

I've started investigating radio opportunities.

We are putting together our first Artsy Mamas blog party to start on Monday, July 14th!
In fact, this is my blog entry for the blog party!!

I see Artsy Mamas as a national organization by the year 2010.
I see an Artsy Mamas radio show.
I see the Artsy Mamas blogs becoming more successful.
I see us receiving funding.
I see an Artsy Mamas book.
I see thousands of women with improved self-esteem due to our programing.

Please uphold these visions with me!

To join the Artsy Mamas blog party, feel free to email me at


  1. Oh, Mandy, I am just so super proud of you!!! All your prayer and hard work has been paying off. I can't imagine what a thrill it must be to you!

    Yay Mandy, Go!

  2. YOu are so on track!! Keep going girl!! I love seeing how much you are doing and striving to acheive the same!

  3. You have many great goals, Mandy! I wish you all the best in reaching them.

    If you need help with creating a podcast, just give me a holler!


  4. What a blessing that you are meeting your goals. I wish you much success and I enjoyed reading your blog.


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